Larkin and Lacey Use Frontera for Good Help

The word Frontera means the border. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin happen to be close to the border that separates the United States from Mexico. It is something that they have been working on for many years and something that they will continue to do so that they will be able to make things better for themselves. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

When it comes to the opportunities that Lacey and Jim have with the foundation, they know that they will be able to make a difference based on the opportunities that they have and the options that they have created for other people who were in the same situation as what they were in the past.

After the men were arrested illegally and won over three million dollars from the law enforcement agency that arrested them, they decided that they were going to use their money for good. They wanted to help people get out of the situations that they were in and that was something that they aimed to do with Frontera.

By starting the company and working to make things better for those who were suffering through violations, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided that the company would be doing all of the right things.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were working on creating the fund, they came up with several ideas to make sure that it was something that they could enjoy. They wanted to show people what they would be missing out on and they also wanted to make sure that people would be able to get the help no matter what it is.

The Frontera fund can simply provide support, can give people the resources that they need for attorneys and can even provide them with the monetary help that they need to make their trial easier on them.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the idea behind the fund is that they are doing it so that they can help more people. They want to make things better and they want to change things for people who are in bad situations.

Many people who are going through human rights violations have done nothing wrong and they do not deserve to be in trouble, but law enforcement agencies do still do it. Larkin and Lacey know that their fund will not be able to clean up the pieces but it will be able to make things a little better for them.

The Frontera Fund has grown a lot since the men started it. While it started out with only three million dollars, it has grown more in that time. There is now a Frontera website that has information on cases, there are support opportunities and Larkin and Lacey have come up with the things that they need to make sure that they are helping other people.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to try these things, they know that they will be able to make a difference in the world of people who have had human rights violations.

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