The Global Activist Organization Avaaz

Avaaz is a global activist organization founded in the United States of America at the beginning of 2007. The name Avaaz is a transliteration of the Persian word for voice. The organization uses a lot of online petitions and email campaigns utilizing the growth of digital technology in the twenty-first century. While Avaaz does not necessarily have an ideology, they strive to bring our worlds closer to the type of world that the majority of humans desire. They try and unite idealists that are spread throughout the world in order for them to work together for a bright future and learn more about Avaaz.

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, is one of their present targets, with current petitions against his actions that have dire consequences for the environment. Other current and past goals of Avaaz have been improving support around the globe for refugees and fighting for international measure against climate change. They have been active in Syria sending in telecommunications equipment and training to activists before the civil war broke out, and medical supplies after the outbreak of the war and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Ideas for new campaigns come from Avaaz members, with guidance from specialists. Suggestions that might work well are tested with an email poll to ten thousand of the members. If this is met with success, the campaign becomes available to all members. And, While these campaigns are mostly web-based, Avaaz has also used advertisements, staged sit-ins, rallies, and other stunts that will attract media attention. After ten years and with over forty-five million members from 195 countries, the presence felt from Avaaz will be one felt for quite a while and read full article.

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An Explanation of Charter Schools by Rocket Academy

First established in California Rocket Academy is a chain of not-for-profit public charter schools. To appreciate the benefits that schools like Rocket Academy offer students you must first have a basic understanding of charter schools themselves.

Charter schools are financed by the government yet act as independent entities. They are sometimes privately owned and function without being accountable to the governing bodies that oversee the operation of public schools.

Charter schools are an essential element of the No Child Left Behind Act. The act allows for students enrolled in schools that are classified as underperforming based on criteria set forth in N.C.L.B. to transfer to other schools within the district. Charter schools like Rocket Academy are among the options open to such students.

Eleven years prior to No Child Left Behind the Minnesota State Legislature established the first laws in the U.S. governing charter schools in 1991. A year later the first charter schools opened in that state. Within 14 years there would be 6,700 charter schools in operation across the country serving the academic needs of 2.9 million students from Kindergarten through High School Graduation.

An amalgam of public and private school charter schools offer the best of both worlds. Being privately run enables them to experiment, finding better ways to satisfy the learning needs of each student. The public school component means enrollment is open to all students and that there is no tuition or special qualifications for enrollment. While not subject to state regulations charter schools must still satisfy performance requirements.

Some charter schools are ranked among the best-performing schools nationally. Through an innovative approach to teaching charter schools like Rocket Academy are setting higher standards for education while closing the “achievement gap”.

For example, academically Rocket Academy Students are at least a month ahead of their public school counterparts. Charter school graduates are more likely to pursue a post-secondary education than are public school graduates.

A Charter school may specialize in a particular type of curriculum.It may focus on anything from the arts to the sciences. In summation, charter schools are charting the future of education.


Awakening The Protections Of Campaign Finance

According to the article on End Citizens United news page, Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United President, released a statement on Representative’s passage House of a few measures for awakening the protections of campaign finance. The provisions were injected into spending bills. He said that each day American families felt the pain caused by the huge influence that special interests are having in government and politics.

Whether it is the costs of education, healthcare, or stagnant wages, the citizens of U.S. are feeling the pinch, and they are asking their representatives to place their interests first. Rather than, politicians who are sold as well as bought by the special interests are continuing to do their campaign donors bidding. These measures that are forced by Republicans through the House do nothing more than just giving Big Money more power plus influence. They allow corporate and mega-donors special interests of avoiding disclosure and even using churches as tax-free tools for funneling secret money during political elections. They urged the Senate to decline these measures specifically from the spending bills.


According to the article on USA TODAY, ECU, a political action committee that is focused on pushing big money completely out of politics, was raising big cash of its own. According to fundraising details that were provided first to the multi-platform news plus information media company called USA TODAY, the ECU collected over four million dollars during the first three months of 2017 and projected it was going to raise 35 million dollars ahead of the next year Congress midterm elections. That would be an important surge from the 25 million dollars the PAC had taken in for the election of the year 2016, its initial election cycle in operation.

Muller said that approximately 100,000 people donated to the political action committee during this year’s first quarter. 40,000 of these people contributed for the first time. The leader of the group said that their goal is electing champions of campaign-finance reform to Congress. He added that the average contribution the political action committee received in 2017 hit USD12. She said that the donors of the group felt like the system is being rigged against them, meaning that those with big money get the biggest say. That’s their way to fight back.

Muller said that adding to the momentum, the Democrats were furious about the win of President Trump and they are ready to retaliate against his agenda as well as his nominees, including Judge Neil Gorsuch, his Supreme Court pick. Recently, the PAC has helped to drive its donors to contribute 500,000 dollars to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign, a first timer political candidate in GA. Ossoff surprised the political establishment when he raised over 4 million dollars for the special election of April 18 to fill a seat of Republican House in suburban ATL left vacant by Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Career of James Dondero

One of the most notable finance professionals in recent years is James Dondero. He is the co founder and President of an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas called Highland Capital Management. Dondero co founded this firm in 1990 and has built it into one of the most reputable in the industry. Prior to starting up his own investment firm, James worked for other investment firms in the past where he would provide analysis and management of credit backed securities. James completed his education in Virginia where he would finish degrees in both accounting and finance. As well as being a finance executive, James is very active in his community as he participates in a number of important philanthropic activities.

James has spent many years managing credit based financial securities. When he first began his career, he would often provide analysis and evaluations of a number of different securities for investment firms. His first job was as a credit analyst for an investment firm. Over the years, he would hold positions of greater responsibility which culminated in becoming the chief investment officer. When he was a chief investment officer, he provided management of over a billion dollars in assets for companies that included American Express.

After working as an employee, James would start up his own investment firm in 1990. Along with co founder Mark Okada, James started up Highland Capital Management. When the company was first started, it specialized in providing numerous life insurance products for consumers. After a few years, James looked to provide more services that would benefit more clients. He introduced a number of new services such as wealth management and financial advising for individual investors and asset management for institutional investors such as corporations and government entities. Along with providing new services, Dondero also introduced hedge funds and private equity securities for clients to take advantage of.

During the course of his career, James has been devoted to his community. He provides funding for a number of causes such as community development, healthcare, education and veteran’s affairs. James frequently looks to help provide a positive impact on his community on a regular basis with these charitable activities.


OSI Group is a meat processing holding company that provides its services to both wholesale and food service facilities. The company is located in Aurora in the Illinois and its products include vegetable products, fish, pizza, bacon, meat patties, hot dogs and poultry products. Other names used to refer to the OSI Group Company are OSI North America and OSI Industries.

OSI Group was started in the year 1909 in Chicago as a local slaughter shop and a market for meat with the name Otto and sons. In the year 1955, Otto and sons received a boost when they were selected to supply Hamburger to the McDonald’s as a result of which it built a special plant in the year 1973 to provide this service. It is during this period that Sheldon Lavin got into partnership with the Otto family. He accelerated the growth of Otto and Sons into a global Company leading to the change of the company’s name from Otto and Sons to OSI Industries in the year 1975.

OSI industries extended its services to Spain, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil and Germany in the 1980s and it established two more plants in the US. In the 1990s, the Company’s services had reached Mexico, Poland as well as the Philippines. In the early 2000s, OSI Industries also extended its services to a number of continents through acquisitions and in the year 2004 its name was changed to OSI Group, LLC.

In 2010, OSI Group opened a production company for beef in Japan, extended services to India and continued opening up new plants within the US and in the year 2014 it got into joint ventures in Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. Its joint venture in Germany with EDEKA, a well-known supermarket chain, provided a readily available market for its meat products. The United Kingdom’s Pickstock venture enabled the company to extend its services to all over Europe and collaboration with Select Ready Foods which is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada allowed OSI Group to sell its processed meat products within Canada. The various acquisitions made by the company within 2016 include acquisition of the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, acquisition of the Baho Foods, Acquisition of UK Flagship Europe and the acquisition of Tyson Foods. All these acquisitions expanded OSI Groups production capability as well as its distribution boundaries.

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Avaaz and the Use of Social Media for Spreading the Word

One of the best ways to spread the word about an organization is through social media. One of the reasons that social media is so good for spreading word is that there are so many people that are using social media. Also, with the use of mobile phones, social media is even more used among people. This makes social media the perfect platform for advocate programs like Avaaz to spread news about issues that need attention like human rights, animal rights, global warming, environmental issues and plenty of other topics that need to be looked at in order to find a solution.

One thing that could be said is that even in the most developed countries, there are still inhumane acts of discrimination and other forms of violations to human rights. Fortunately, Avaaz as a website offers a platform for people to spread awareness on the incidents they witness. They can also shed light on the problems that are facing the globe. Just bringing attention to the issue could increase the odds of that problem getting resolved. This is one of the greatest advantages of websites like Avaaz. Social media is also useful when it comes to sharing links to the site and the different topics that are listed on the site. Click here to know about Avaaz.

The best thing about Avaaz is that it not only presents topics to people, but also allows people to take action in any way that they can. Among the activities people can do in order to help with any of the issues that are presented on the site is make donations to any of the campaigns. It also allows people to start their own petition. They just have to use the power of persuasion and present the issue before an audience. If they have a lot of followers on social media, then they will have a good chance at bringing attention to the topics.

The Ancient Trabuco War Machine

The Trabuco was a Middle Age siege weapon that was used during the 13th Century D.C to crack and destroy enemy walls as well as fling fireballs towards the enemy territory using a large arm connected to the base of the machine as well as a lever.

Trabuco machines were usually quite big and they all contained a long piece of lumber that was rested on a motor with a catapult fastened to the increased side of the lever and a stabilizer on its decreased side. It would take a group of people to pull the strings attached to the weight in order to fling the objects, that weighed around 140 pounds, at the enemy. It was even used to fling ammunition at the enemies who were hiding behind a defensive wall to assure that it was as efficient as possible. According to, the Trabuco could fling objects as far as 800 meters away at high speeds towards the enemies walls and their territory, but it was not all that accurate of a shot, so it eventually got replaced by other weapons.


Before the latest version of the Trabuco, a Tensile Trabuco was used to sling 140 pound objects 80 meters away. It was one of the first Trabucos created and it took roughly 250 people to drag down the lever! The amount of Tensile Trabucos made were limited though because of the fact that it had very faulty coordination. The Tensile Trabuco was no longer used after the 11th century because of these facts, so it was replaced with the Trabuco. The Trabuco was used during the period of time of the Crusades, it was also used by the Europeans. The Europeans thought that the Trabuco was an amazing weapon so they used it to inflict damage towards the people who were in opposition of the Christian Movement based on

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Goettl Leaves a Legacy And Expands

Goettl has experienced quite a growth in business. For one thing, the new business plans have shown a lot of care for the customers. They have taken the time to make sure that the air conditioning products are top notch and matched to the homes. They have not only wanted to provide customers with air conditioning but have also wanted to save them money. They have become very successful with their activities and are not seeking ways to expand into other markets. Given their top notch services, it is only fitting that they find some kind of way to bring their services to other areas.

In a report by Business Press Vegas, now, the company is expanding their services to Southern California and Nevada. While these areas may not be quite as hot as the AZ cities, they are still in need of air conditioning. As a matter of fact, they can benefit from the innovative products and services that Goettl has to offer. Even though the company was originally started to battle the severe temperatures of the desert, it has since grown to be one of the most effective and innovative companies for air conditioning. It has presented customers with the latest in technology and services for air conditioning.

Goettl is indeed adjusting to the new technology and needs of the customers. This is a very important thing to do in that it keeps the company relevant. It also shows that they care about the customers. One of the best things they do is make sure that the customer is satisfied with what they are doing for them. After all, a company can have the best products, but if the customer is not given the attention he needs, then he is not going to be satisfied with the company. Goettl understands that the customer comes first for the company. View the Goettl company review on


How entrepreneurs are transforming active wears

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have played a huge role in changing the trend of active wears through their modern fabletics. The two entrepreneurs have always employed the modern technology while purchasing the wears and conducted a thorough observation and research regarding the current trends in the market.

With this, the two celebrities have adequately met the needs of a significant number of individuals. Besides, Dan and Adam ought to spend double the gross expenditure due to the rising demand of the active wears. A vast number of companies have not been able to meet the total gross cost due to its increasing nature and may. As a result fall victims of the collapse.

In the recent years, many companies in the active wear market did not put a lot of emphasis on customer value and a significant number of customers would purchase low quality wears at a very high price. The clothing industry has changed since fabletics got into the market and customer preferences are now given a lot of attention. Learn more about Don Ressler: and
The two investors did not put a lot of emphasis to the old ways and designs of wears but rather revolutionized the industry by introducing new and unique active wears. Besides, they chose the highly competitive and talented Kate Hudson to help in the sales and management of the cloth wear line.

Kate has since her appointment proved to understand what her customers like and through her expertise, she has always provided the best to each customer regardless of their shape and body size.

Women were the primary victims of the low quality and high prices of active wears that did not even attract them. Most females always had to go through a tough time while shopping because most of the available clothing’s never met their needs regarding size and fitness.

Besides, they were of a low quality yet very expensive, contrary to those provided by fabletics.

The intervention of the two entrepreneurs to change the market trends has brought relief to many women and their collaboration with the friendly and kind hearted Kate Hudson has seen a significant number of women prefer doing their shopping at fabletics. Read more: New Sizes for JustFab | California Apparel News

According to Business Insider, though Don and Adam went through a lot of challenges, they successfully got their product well through the market due to the discounts they gave to their customers as well as their high customer consideration. The two recently announced plans to expand their business to address the issues of a larger number of women.

Mike Baur Initiates Business Classes to Empower Prospective Entrepreneurs

Business start-ups play a very important role in most global markets. With the era of new technology, businesses have adopted modern ways of launching new products and revolutionary ideas. That is why conveyors in the market rely on developmental ideas to develop business. It is also factual that most leading innovations have currently attracted some of the worlds’ best and recognized investors. That is why most of the well to do businesses has new owners for partnerships. According to this hypothesis, enthusiasts rely on strong businesses to invest their capital. This is why Mike Baur of the Swiss Start-up comes in. The visionary entrepreneur focuses on developing new businesses by ingesting the new ideas.


As a man who supports young enthusiasts, Mike Baur has supported the development of significant start-ups with. This is one of his many contributions in supporting the economies of different countries. With many young people coming forward with business ideas, Mike settled for establishing a trading platform in order to accommodate different ideas. His school of thought stems from the philosophy that limelight attracts strong donors who have influential effects in businesses. Mike has taken it upon himself to establish a mission that challenges the traditional business models of the industry.

Mike’s Business Models

Through networking, mentorship as well as coaching, Mike Baur has established vital pillars for the growth of business. As a lead mentor, he has created entrepreneurial networks for professionals as well as prospective business persons. By establishing a swathe of entrepreneurs, Mike has promoted the growth of business in different ways. His platform has expanded entrepreneur’s scope in the business environment.


Mike Baur is the co-founder of Swiss Start-up. The organization holds workshop and programs that initiate the facilitation of confidence and knowledge to entrepreneurs. These are some of the most important lessons that Mike’s school offers. These ideologies have established vital platforms for business. Since the establishment of this firm in 2014, Mike has capitalized on accelerating new businesses. The firm operates on the basis of incubating startups. This is done through offering financial support as well as viable advice to the candidates. Aside from the startup program, there is a three months workshop that Mike has dedicated to mentorship and guidance on business. The candidates also receive professional networks as well as office space that can be used for operations. This is done in the three months of the program. The company also works to select prospective startups via multiple platforms. These platforms include contests awarded by Mike Baur.