Equities First Holdings UK

Background information

Al Christy Jr. discovered Equities First Holdings in 2002 and established headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, United States of America. Equities First Holdings operate under the principle of security-based loans. There is no other financial firm that operates with these types of loans. Christy had tried this type of loan for many years until he came up with a formula that would make security-based loans yield good returns. Investors have gained interest in the stock-based loans and have been approaching EFH for these loans. Most of them are form the United States and from another regions of the world. EFH decided to expand their territories so that they could serve more clients.


Equities First Holdings UK

EFH London (UK) was the first subsidiaries to be established. They were able to serve clients and residents from the United Kingdom and other regions. EFH London is the most successful branch of EFH, and more information click here.

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