American Made: OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

Have you ever heard of the OSI Group before? Forbes has, in fact Forbes ranked them #58 on America’s Largest Private Companies List. So what does the OSI Group do you may ask. The are food producers, with a wide range of products.

Chances are you are a customer right now. The OSI Group distributes meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry and vegetable products. The OSI Group is a holding company for meat processors needing to get their products out to retail and food service industries worldwide. The company has been around since the early 1900’s. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolshowsky as family owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area as Otto and Sons,USA.

Nearly 50 years into the business and the birth of another giant in the meat industry emerged. McDonald’s,and who did McDonald’s select to supply fresh ground beef? You guessed it, Otto and Sons. This magnificent business move funded the birth in the early 1970s of the USA plant, in Illinois Chicago then known as Otto Industries.

Wow. I wonder if Otto knew his little family butcher shop would become what it is today. Expanding globally the company grew into an american power house. If the OSI Group was a car, it would be an american muscle car with an engine like Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious Part 1. With offices world wide in almost every know country and continent. Even acquiring stock controlling stake of stock in new emerging private food corporations to name a few like Baho Food and Tyson in 2016. The OSI Group is a major american leader in food distribution. I like that saying, “major american leader”.

So whether you heard of them or whether you have not. At some point in time while on earth you have enjoyed their products. I got some OSI Group products in my refrigerator right now. Yes, I do and you do too. So the next time you are enjoying that bacon for breakfast or that hot dog for lunch, remember it all started from a little butcher shop owner.

You would think you would here more about America’s 58th Largest Company yet you don’t. I’m glad to know that the american dream is real or at least was at one time. A little business that satisfied a need now satisfies the world needs. Now that the OSI Group is at the top of the food chain, literally. We hope for the same great quality of food and service we have grown to expect. Thanks OSI Group for feeding the world.


Malcolm CasSelle Promises Cryptocurrency Will Change Mainstream Finance

While there are many who are already taking advantage of cryptocurrency investments and the more secure technology created to support the system, most people are still unfamiliar with it. That’s about to change, according to Malcolm CasSelle, the president of WAX. CasSelle believes the P2P marketplace is about to see a revolution, thanks, in part, to the gaming industry’s adoption of blockchain technology, which is the backbone of security for the trading of virtual assets.

There’s a growing problem of fraud in the virtual trading marketplace and even sellers experiencing problems in delivery create a frustrating experience. Blockchain technology can correct these issues by eliminating the middle man and preventing transaction delays. Where other systems fail to provide a watchdog for these transactions, blockchain can better ensure sellers and buyers are following through with their obligations. Transactions are less likely to be disrupted or to fail entirely, when blockchain technology backs up each exchange.

WAX uses blockchain to decentralize the system, making transactions more efficient and utilizing smart contracts to provide better user operations. When WAX’s technology is adapted to other virtual marketplaces, users will find a more secure and more efficient experience. WAX can help the global marketplace thrive with the security of a decentralized and more individualized trading experience.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the chief information officer for OPSkins, as well as WAX’s President of WAX. Before joining WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), Malcolm was with Tronc, Inc., where he served as the chief technology officer and that organization’s president of new ventures. Earlier in his career, Mr. CasSelle worked at Timeline Labs, but SeaChange International bought out the company in 2015 and brought Malcolm along as part of the acquisition. He rose to become SeaChange’s senior vice president and the general manager of digital media.

Prior to investing in bitcoin start-ups, Mr. CasSelle held interests in Facebook, Zynga, and MediaPass.

Before launching his entrepreneurial career, Mr. CasSelle earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT. He continued his education at Stanford University, where he earned a master’s degree, also in computer science. Additionally, Malcolm fluently speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

Mike Baur Career

Mike Baur is a leading business investor who teaches young people the basics of running a business. During his career, he has worked on multiple projects with small business owners. Mike Baur manages the Swiss Start-Up Factory. This is a company that works with new business owners to increase sales and profits over time.


Mike Baur is the type of person who is always looking for a new business opportunity. Not only does he enjoy working with business owners, but he also likes helping people plan for the future. Now is an excellent time for new business owners to work with him on their projects.




At the Swiss Start-Up Factory, Mike Baur teaches business owners the basics of managing a business. One of the most critical aspects of running a company is financial planning. Some business owners need a lot of capital to get started on a business idea. Other people resort to borrowing money from a bank. Some business owners regret their financial decisions because they end up deeply in debt.


Mike Baur offers a lending program through the Swiss Start-Up Factory. The lending program is an excellent way for people to get the capital they need to get started.




Another critical aspect of managing a company is marketing. Successful business owners must be willing to advertise their products and services consistently. Mike Baur is always looking for ways to improve his marketing strategies. In the current marketing industry, there are multiple ways for business owners to leverage technology. Even though there are numerous marketing options, business owners must be willing to find the solution that works best for them.


Future Plans


Mike Baur is excited about the future. He is planning to continue developing the Swiss Start-Up Factory in the coming years. He is always willing to listen to new ideas to help his business succeed.


Mike Baur is also involved with mentoring young business owners. He is passionate about helping small business owners because he believes entrepreneurs are essential to economic growth. He has a strong background in managing and operating a business.


Tony Petrello: Giving And Giving

Donating and giving back is one of the most important things we can do as people. E When one finally becomes successful they should give back because hey were once struggling like everyone else. It could have been anyone to have fortune simile on them and be given an opportunity as success. As easy as it is given it can be taken away. This is something that Tony Petrello may feel as he is a frequent giver to the masses.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industry a company that digs and drills for oil. When we think of business owners especially those involved in crude oils people think of a slimy and very greedy companies or people. However, that couldn’t be further way from Mr. Petrello’s attitude and actions. He has always maintained a kind and generous display and in recent years has started to donate like never before. Tony Petrello has shifted his attention to helping those in the medical field to find cures for disease and sicknesses They have donated already over 5 million dollars to scientific researchers in the medical world. He has a personal stake in this research going forward as his daughter was born premature and as a result developed the disease known as leukomalacia which is a neurological disorder that inhibits learning and functions of the brain. Her ability to eat and speak and walk have been slowed and there are many other innocent children around the world who suffer similarly as her from the same condition. Mr. Tony has decided to donate to the research facility in their own neighborhood known as the Texas children’s hospital to find a cure for his daughter and other children like her.

This isn’t the only area that Tony Petrello has given back too. The Yale graduate has also created an endowment fund in memory of one of his close friends professor Serge Lang of Yale university. This fund will help the school students immensely. Tony Petrello is just a giver he even helped with victims of Hurricane Harvey when the disaster struck. He is a shining example of someone that gives with no underlying deceit or tricks.

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Sussex Healthcare: The Ultimate In Person-Centered Care Packages

Everyone of the people on planet earth is different to some degree. This quality makes us unique and there are no two people that are exactly seem even if you just so happen to look exactly like someone else. When it comes to healthcare services, this unique trait can be a bit tricky, especially when applying medical coverage.

This is where Sussex Healthcare stands-out as it provides some of the best person-centered care packages. This company also specializes in elder care, in assisted living, in residential care and in nursing. The options are nearly endless. When it comes to senior living, this phenomenal company outperforms the majority of the field. Sussex Healthcare provides some of the very best living centers for seniors. These facilities are more like communities because they host an abundance of features such as:

State-of-the-Art Gymnasium
Respite Care
Hydrotherapy Pools
Sensory Rooms
And many more

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

Of course, this is just a small amount. These advanced care homes provides a relaxed atmosphere as well as provides a safe environment. Each care home is thoroughly cleaned while providing chef-prepared meals that are high in nutrition. On the other hand, the care homes offer 24-hour support and offer a well-trained team of staff members. What more could you ever ask for? Senior living is a responsibility and this company rolls out the red carpet for any and all. Located near East Grinstead, West Sussex, is the Horncastle House. This fabulous Elizabethan styled care home provides great services for people who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease as well as Dementia.

There is a total of 20 care home in all, but located near Uckfield, East Sussex, is the famed Forest Lodge. This Edwardian country house has been expanded in size, and it offers eight acres of beautiful garden space. Sussex Healthcare Senior Living has definitely raised the bar higher than before, and it is definitely changing the current status quo.

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Alex Pall Tells How the Chainsmokers are Creating a New Identity

The Chainsmokers are setting out to create an identity with their new track, “Closer” as they begin evolving with their growing audience. The band desires to personalize their brand of music along with an ambition to be recognized as valid artists in the industry with feelings and thoughts. They do not want to be seen as faceless crafters in the back of a DJ stand.

Alex Pall will be performing a duo with Andrew Taggart on the “Closer” track. Both are working harder to reveal themselves by incorporating intimacy into a genre known for being void of emotion. Pall began his music career as a DJ in New York City and says he is passionate about dance music. Taggart was in college when he met Pall. From the day the two met, there was a connection, and they’ve been making music ever since.

Pall and Taggart discovered many similarities between themselves in regards to what they liked and wanted musically. Both men were ambitious and aware of what was happening in the New York City DJ world and began to shape an identity around themselves. They continuously pushed themselves, and continue to do so, to become better artists so that people can relate to their music on a deeper level. This concept has worked better than they or anyone else could have imagined.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart work with songwriters like other artists, but unlike others, their music is about themselves. The duo has solely created some of their songs much like the album that illustrates what it’s like for them as music artists to create a collection to satisfy both fans and the label. They didn’t want the record to contain unconnected songs with a couple of dance songs mixed with an interlude. What they created was an album that tells who they are today.

Pall says their audience is always expanding. He says they are always striving to bring them a new and exciting show. Together he and Taggart want to keep doing exciting things and continue pushing themselves. With the release of, “Closer” things will dramatically change for these two music artists. This release will change the way their shows work as they continue to create new content making things more unique to themselves.

Jordan Lindsey- Being unconventional Entrepreneurs

The forex industry is a dynamic environment with constant changes. Currently, it has significantly changed with different strives towards making trading have a legal background. The primary European regulators in forex industry have started strict controls and steps in controlling the environment. The regulation requirements are focusing on the regulated companies giving the clients high levels of intelligibility according to MiFID II directives. The cryptocurrency boom has invaded the trading market attracting traders globally due to its enormous volatility and growing popularity. It makes the brokers adapt to the Cryptocurrencies trading giving their traders opportunities to make profits.

Jordan Lindsey is an expert algo trader, a renowned Bitcoin Growth Bot founder, JCL Capital founder, and an experienced investor in the technology industry and financial services. He boasts of being a self-taught system architecture and programmer creating one of the most transparent Cryptocurrencies trading bot that offers lending program services. Jordan has lived in different countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina, but, originated from New York and attended St, Josephs College, and Mount Angel Seminary.

According to Jordan Lindsey his childhood was fun and enjoyable with great of time playing and competing in various sports like tennis and ice hockey, but still, he had an entrepreneur mind. Creating multiple business opportunities and looking for numerous ways to make things work better as part of his childhood and he knew one day he will change the world with his inventions.

His recent innovation was using MQL4 language to code 2Q17 algorithm on the Metatrader 4 platform. The algorithm trades entirely on the most extensive foreign exchange markets with trillions traded between central banks, countries, banks, and corporations making it highly successful.

Jordan Lindsey later launched 3Q17 on Waves platform which became a successful crowd sale for the Nucleus tokens. The 3Q17 bot started before the planned time, and this is the first every third party cryptocurrency verified algorithm in the market. Lindsey states that he loves to run a team and be a leader since he can delegate responsibility and avoid micromanagement. He is married with three beautiful daughters and believes in learning the small things from his children heart.

Adam Milstein and Donald Trump, Two Men With a Single United Vision

It has been almost 2200 years since the Maccabees refused to capitulate to a pagan Seleucid empire. Whose emperor, Antiochus IV, forced out of Alexandria by the Romans, began one of the first religious persecutions in recognized human history.

Forcing the Hebrews to sacrifice to a pagan god by killing and eating a pig that had been slaughtered on the most sacred altar was too much for the priest Mathathias to bear. In a demonstration of devotion and love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Mathathias killed the emperor’s acolyte and declared that the Hebrew people will no longer submit to the cruelty of emperor Antiochus.

Adam Milstein shares this same proud heritage with the Maccabees as well as all Jews. It is this inherent dignity that brought the sovereign state of Israel to its current place in a global reality. In this steadfast tradition Adam Milstein offers to all Jews the heritage of five thousand years of theological history that has been strife with calamity, misfortune, and suffering to bring about a strengthened and dedicated Jewish people.

In a recent interview with the great Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Levin, commentator and constitutional lawyer, asked,

“What is the number one country that poses the greatest threat to Israel?”, the prime minister replied, “Iran”.

The prime minister then asked, “Would you like to know the top three threats to Israel?”. Levin said “Yes, tell me the top three countries that are a threat to Israel.”, to which the prime minister replied, “Iran, Iran, and Iran.”

Adam Milstein understands, as all Jews understand, that in order to remain sovereign, in order to combat the forces of evil, it is important to have powerful, loyal, and true allies. In parallel with that declaration, it is without a doubt one of the great moments in the history of the Jewish faith that President Donald Trump, in May of 2018 will move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel.

On the seventieth anniversary of Israel’s independence, President Donald Trump will stand with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare to the world that the United States is the great friend of Israel.

Adam Milstein sees this as a first step in ridding the plague of extremism that constantly rears its ugly head through violence and bigotry. It is the pride and courage of the Jewish people that for centuries have overcome the most heinous of adversities to emerge a stronger more dedicated faith. Adam Milstein as well as all Jews shares the same heritage as the great Maccabee family and will continue their “walk in the desert”, with God.

Matt Badiali and Careful Investment Research

Matt Badiali is an authority who has a lot of knowledge that involves the agricultural, energy and mining universes. He writes for Banyan Hill Publishing located in Florida’s Delray Beach, too. Matt Badiali isn’t the kind of person who ever has trouble striking up conversations with other individuals. He isn’t the kind of person who ever shies away from hard work, either. He takes researching matters seriously at all times. He takes investment possibilities just as seriously as well. There’s no location on the planet that’s too distant for Badiali and for his research goals, either. He’s happily traveled to places like Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Switzerland, Iraq, Turkey, Hong Kong, Haiti and others. He’s accomplished so many different things throughout his extensive travels as well. Matt Badiali has gotten together with powerful Chief Executive Officers and talked about any resource possibilities they may have coming up. He’s gone to oil wells and mines in all different parts of the planet. He’s given his attention to all kinds of geologic information, too. Matt Badiali has discovered that people honestly have no clue about anything that they don’t view with their very own eyes. This applies to all kinds of topics as well. It applies to business achievement, regional politics and beyond. Badiali believes firmly that people cannot ensure that investments are good ideas without encountering them on their own. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

Badiali has an in-depth educational background in the geology realm. That’s the reason he can pinpoint various warning signals that people should look at themselves. He frequently assesses the abilities of the people who are part of drilling teams. Matt Badiali evaluates the length of time they require for single hole drilling purposes. He evaluates the overall efficiency of all of their activities, too. Drilling is in many cases a steep cost for businesses that aren’t too large. Viewing drilling professionals can provide people with helpful insight that relates to company wellness and more. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali has integrated his investment and geology talents for more than 10 years now. Doing so has given him the power to access substantial profits. He used to work for a drilling firm as a knowledgeable geologist. He used to work for an environmental agency in consulting as well. This was before he scored his job with Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali studied at Florida Atlantic University and Pennsylvania State University. He learned all about geology and earth sciences.


OSI Indsutries Spreading across Europe

OSI Indsutries Inc. is a massive corporation operating globally with over 50 facilities and offices in 17 countries and counting. The corporation is spread out across the United States of America, Australia, Europe, the Philippines, and several Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and India.

Over the decades of growth, the OSI Industries Inc. has expanded a lot thanks to its wide acquisition plan. The business has purchased a vast number of smaller businesses around the world such as the company of Flagship Europe. The company is a supplier of frozen poultry, pies, sous ide, as well as mayonnaise, a variety of sauces and dressings to the foodservice market of the United Kingdom. The portfolio of Flagship Europe was a good addition to the services of the OSI Industries. The acquisition also helped the global corporation strengthen and expand their presence in the United Kingdom.

The OSI Indsutries Inc is based in Aurora, Illinois where it started out as a small corner shop for meat more than 80 years ago. It was established by a German immigrant who called his small business Otto’s Meat market. As his family expanded, his sons started working in the family business as well, and the shop was renamed to Otto & Sons. The business started taking off when McDonald’s started using its services. That attracted other chains as well.

The company renamed itself OSI Group later on, and the next chapter of its work started when Mr. Sheldon Lvin joined in as a leader of the company. The OSI Group was no longer a family business, and it was growing dramatically. Mr. Sheldon Lavin was working in Law and did services for the OSI Group. When he got onboard, he assumed a few positions in the leadership of the corporation and turned his gaze to rest of the world. He brought a lot of perspective for the OSI Group Inc as he devised a clear plan for expansion and achieving a global status.

Flagship Europe had a large part to play in the expansion of OSI Group in Europe. The global corporation had already established a strong presence on the European continent, but by adding the company to its portfolio, it opened new doors to expand upon its services and become more active in the United Kingdom.

The Flagship Europe is based in the United States in Denver, Colorado. It expanded its presence after the acquisition of the UK- company Calder Foods. That allowed the Flagship Europe to move into the food-to-go sector f the country. It also added the services of supplying food places with sauces and other condiments after the acquisition. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

At the helm of the Flagship Europe is Chief Executive officer Mr. Russel Maddock. He stated that Flagship Europe prides itself on striving towards progressiveness and development. He and his company believe that getting the chance to become a part of the OSI Group will bring a bright future to the company. Flagship Europe became a part of OSI Europe in 2016 which operates across the continents