Neurocore Reveals Good Nutrition Is Key To Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Ask Reporter published the article “Neurocore: Fueling the Brain with Food” by Rob McKinsey to reveal the latest key insight into applied neuroscience. Neurocore, a brain training performance center based in Michigan uses applied neuroscience to help their clients improve their cognitive performance. One recent revelation the company provided may be unexpected to some. Nutrition not only plays a part in a person’s overall health, but it can also have a large impact on the health of the brain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Everyone has experienced the immediate impact of junk food and fast food. It can make people sluggish, lethargic, and mentally foggy. However, when a person eats well, consuming whole foods without a lot of refined sugar, he can feel the impact on his quality of life.

The same is true of the brain. The brain needs nutrients in order to remain healthy. Neurocore suggests that eating well, such as eating a diet that will protect the heart, will also have a long-term effect on the health of one’s brain. A recent study revealed that eating to maintain the health of the heart will cause the brain to maintain its size instead of shrinking. Taking care of the heart will also allow the brain to maintain its size.


Neurocore also believes in eating foods that are high in quality nutrients. Eating superfoods like chia seeds, healthy fats, raw honey and even cinnamon can help the brain maintain its high cognitive function. Good fats help the body reduce blood pressure and can lower cholesterol. This improves the heart’s health, which as we have seen, improves the health of the brain. Honey has antioxidant properties that can help prevent heart disease and cancer. It also helps the brain function when a person sleeps by helping the brain create melatonin. Cinnamon is great at preventing inflammation. It can also prevent the brain from creating the protein called tau, which can create tangles in the brain. By preventing the Tau from forming, cinnamon helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Neurocore uses drug free programs based in cognitive science to help strengthen the brains of their patients. The core program uses the brain’s ability to restructure itself to help it become stronger. Read more about Neurocore at

Peter Briger: The Philanthropist Billionaire

Peter Briger, the current co-chairman and a senior principal in the governing board of Fortress Investment Group, is a well-documented person in the investment industry. He plays a vital role in spearheading the investment group to greater heights despite the uncertainties and competitive nature of the investment industry. Based in New York offices, Briger oversees the daily activities of the entity while making critical investment decisions that have significant impacts on the growth and positioning of the organization. However, despite ranking high in billionaires list, Peter engages in humanitarian activities that are geared towards improving the welfare of the common man working to make ends meet. Participating in such activities is not an everyday affair to many billionaires or people in management positions of different organizations.

Peter Briger is a primary contributor to Princeton University alumni fund. The money contributed is used to help fresh graduates to implement their business opportunities as startup capital. Besides donating funds, Briger engages in mentoring the alumni members and helping them to establish their businesses while helping them to make critical decisions regarding their startups. Peter Briger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The council is a non-government organization that does not support political parties but plays a vital role in encouraging better foreign policies. Promoting fair foreign policies is essential in ensuring that the United States government has a good relationship with other nations. A better relationship helps trade to thrive between different countries hence allowing exporters to earn returns while importers acquire goods and services.

Besides, Peter’s support for the Central Park Conservancy Organization is in public domain. Previous reports indicated that he had donated more than six hundred million U.S dollars to this cause. Conservation is an essential aspect of the modern world as different governments are trying to come into terms with the impacts of climate change. It also works well in making the world a better place for the current and upcoming generations. Moreover, Briger has recorded significant interests in quality education as well as poverty alleviation in the United States and countries abroad. Lastly, Briger is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council under the Global Fund for Children. The leadership council at Silicon Valley works in conjunction with other entities in tapping talents at a young age and harnessing them so that they can grow to be essential members of the society. The organization has assisted many children to achieve their goals through innovation. The philanthropist nature of Peter Briger should be commended due to its impacts on the world at large.

Different Causes Of Depression And Anxiety And Finding A Professional Like Roseann Bennett

There are a lot of different causes of depression. One of the most interesting things about depression is that it can be triggered by anything. However, there are common themes when it comes to depression. For instance, one of the common factors that are associated with depression is finances. Some people can find themselves depressed because of a lot of stress over the frustrating financial services. Another factor that can cause depression is loneliness. Society has been influencing people to spend more time alone. However, they miss out on all of the connections that are important to the mental wellbeing of the individual.


When people get to the point where they are depressed, they may need to find some kind of help. This is where mental health professionals like Roseann Bennett can give them the boost they need to move forward with their lives. One of the most important factors to finding effective professionals is to make sure that the person is very dedicated to what she is doing as opposed to just being there to diagnose and drug. One of the worst things about drugs is that it can mask a problem with all of the horrible side effects.


The more effective approach which is carried out by Roseann Bennett is actually talking to the clients and helping them get to the bottom of their struggles with depression and anxiety. This can include uncovering some past unprocessed trauma. One of the best things Roseann Bennett does is help people train their mind so that they can think about solutions. One thing that can help a person overcome depression is if they take a proactive approach to life as opposed to a passive approach. One thing that can contribute to depression is when people wait for something they want to come to them.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. In-home therapy provided some valuable tools but once the person was released to become an outpatient, these tools disappeared. Marginally disenfranchised populations who either couldn’t afford in-house therapy or had no access to it were affected the most. Find More Information Here.


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Fortress Investment Group; the Ultimate Investment Solution.

Fortress Investment Group is a top investment manager headquartered in New York, leading in the investment market globally. It was established by its three founders; Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman back in 1998. It began as a private equity firm, but over the years, Fortress has experienced rapid growth in both its clientele and assets under management and hence developing into an alternative asset manager. Fortress made its initial public offer on February 9, 2007, an event that made history since it was the first company of its big magnitude and type to ever go public. What followed was the firm receiving numerous accolades for its magnificent performance. For instance, in 2012, Fortress Investment Group was named by an institutional investor as their “Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year.” In 2014, HFMWeek, an industry publication, said that Fortress was indisputably their “Hedge Fund of the Year.” In the same year, 2014, another institutional investor named Fortress s their “Management Firm of the Year.” This is with no doubt a clear indicator of the firm’s position regarding service delivery.

What makes Fortress unique from other investment managers is the fact that the firm is guided by five core competencies which act as their strong pillars. These are; effective operations management, capital markets, extensive industry knowledge, asset-based competencies and also corporate mergers and acquisitions.For instance, in the middle of the year 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation announced that it had completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group LLC for cash amounting to $3.3 billion. This transaction was completed after all receipt of regulatory approvals from the relevant authorities and also approval from the shareholders of Fortress Group. Following the close of the acquisition, the ownership of all the outstanding Fortress shares was transferred to SoftBank Group and its fully-owned subsidiaries. Also as a result of the acquisition, Fortress common stock stopped trading with immediate effect and subsequently delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Following this too, each outstanding Fortress share of class A was converted into a right to receive $8.08 per share in cash.

About Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group is a chief investment management firm operating internationally. It had a total of $43.6 billion of assets under management by the close of the year 2017. The firm operates in alternative asset business, with the main types of assets they hold being private equity, hedge funds, credit funds, liquid markets and traditional asset strategies. Fortress invests and manages assets on behalf of more than 1,800 private and institutional clients globally.

A Day In The Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is principally known as a media personality who has appeared on numerous radio broadcasts, podcasts and TV programs such as Live with Kelly (Rippa) and Ryan and American Idol, which he hosted for many years. He has also done work in producing such well known programs as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has branched out into fashion by creating his own clothing line; he has even created his own skin care brand. What many people do not know is that Ryan Seacrest is also a highly active philanthropist who, with his family created Ryan Seacrest Foundation, helps pediatric hospitals give their patients a much better shot at overcoming their illness by bringing the care they are recieving to the attention of journalists and also by allowing the hospitalized children themselves to broadcast their personal experiences with their illness.

With all of these aforementioned accolades under his belt many are doubtless curious how Ryan Seacrest is able to keep up spinning all the various plates of his numerous projects at once. According to a recent interview with Mr. Seacrest his average day consists of waking at 6 O clock sharp, dresses, eats a very carefully selected meal (primarily matcha and coffee, given the health benefits of both) and then sets off to workout with his professional trainer, Hernan Santa at around noon. In addition to training with weights and a Peloton machine, Seacrest also practices boxing on the regular with a sparring partner, in his words, “If anybody ever jumps me, I’m ready.”

He has stated that one of the things which has really helped him keep his life balanced was practicing and exercising a regime of self control. For instance, being a rather amiable person, Mr. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) used to feel compelled to answer every phone call and every email immediately, but found this to be absolutely impossible given the sheer volume of calls and messages he began to receive as his star rose. He has noted in the past that he is easily distracted and now practices locking his phone away to keep his mind attuned to the present.

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Peter Briger’s Career Success Story

Amongst the alumni of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Peter Briger is one. He obtained his Master in Business Administration (MBA) here after completing his undergraduate degree at the Princeton University. Truth be told, before or even during his graduation, Peter could never have imagined himself having all the life achievements that he has today.His early career life was characterized by discipline and tenacity. After obtaining the Master Degree, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs & Co., a reputable investment banking company. Here, he performed various operational, management, and leadership functions. Through the application of the vast theoretical knowledge and also with a combination of hard work, Peter was able to gain enhanced expertise in foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate, trading, and loans.

All these could later become the prerequisite for his success at the Fortress Investment Group.Still, at the Goldman Sachs, his proficiency in finance became incredible. This saw him become a partner with the investment bank, a short while before leaving for Fortress in 2002.Immediately after Moving to Fortress Investment Group, his leadership impact begun to be felt. He was the co-principal, alongside two other principals. At this time, the total assets under management of Fortress Group amounted to a miserable $400 million. A few years later, the Group’s portfolio had sharply risen to $3.9 billion and further to $32 billion by 2007. No wonder the prime focus on distressed assets during his tenure at Goldman Sachs.

Still in the same year 2007, under the leadership of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group announced its Initial Public Offer, despite being an alternative asset management company. This was an unprecedented event that made history internationally since no other company of its type, and size hade made a similar move prior. As a result, Fortress publicity skyrocketed and also later won some industry performance based accolades. For sure, the 15 years’ experience that Briger gained at Goldman Sachs turned out to be oxygen for Fortress.The outstanding nature of Peter Briger makes him more than adorable. Besides his professional engagements, he also participates in philanthropic activities and other forms of social responsibilities. For instance, Peter has a passion for helping the needy children that come from underprivileged families. He is also a staunch believer of education. He strongly believes that the ultimate way to alleviate poverty from any society is by educating its members. Due to this, he also funds education for the poor children who may not afford it.

Rodrigo Terpins: Racing at the 25th Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins is a passionate driver and a strategic businessman. He was born and raised in Brazil, and his family is enthusiastic about sports and other related activities. He is the son of a former Brazilian basketball player, and he is the older brother of Michel Terpins, who is also into rally driving. Rodrigo Terpins founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team years ago, with the primary goal of building the best team in the whole country that will compete with other teams for the prize at the annual Sertoes Rally. His first recruits are his brother and two of his closest friends. Rodrigo Terpins would be joining this year’s event, and he appointed his younger brother to drive the vehicle for the course of the whole race.



The organizers behind this year’s Sertoes Rally stated that they preferred to have the starting point at the Midwestern section of the country. They also revealed that the length of the course would be more than 2,500 kilometers, and they are expecting the racers to finish the race in the shortest time possible. Rodrigo knew that they could have an advantage during the race because the type of terrain for the official event is similar to the terrain where they are practicing. Rodrigo Terpins then left his younger brother with an uplifting and encouraging message, saying that his family would always be by his side no matter what happens. Check out to see more.




There are more than 200 rally drivers from around the world who were invited by the organizers of the 25th edition of Sertoes Rally. They will be driving a vehicle that would be able to finish the race in the shortest period, equipped with extreme power for the unpredictable terrain that they would encounter along the way. Michel Terpins is driving the T-Rex, a T1 Prototype that undergone repairs and remodeling. Rodrigo Terpins’ friends have installed a V8 engine on the vehicle, to ensure that it would be able to pass through the unforgiving terrain of the country. Rodrigo Terpins, later on, said that he would be visiting the communities affected by the event soon and offer them basic utilities.




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The Chainsmokers- Power of Believing in Yourself

The Chainsmokers are famous nationally and known as the American producer, and DJ and the duo consist of Andre Taggart and Alex Pall. The Chainsmokers together with Halsey honoured Mr Avicii with their Billboards Music Award. Avicii is the most beloved producer and Swedish DJ. Before the duo presented the award for the top hit and hot song for the year 2018 they told the thousands gathered at the famous Grand Garden Arena that Mr Avicii is one artist who has inspired many people in various ways and especially the EDM community. The Chainsmokers handed the “Despacito” song to Luis Fonsi. Halsey also added that working with Avicii is such a joy and it’s a tragedy he is undergoing a painful moment of his life, and she elaborated the need of love and support of family and friends to anyone struggling with mental illness.

The Chainsmokers for the second time that night mentioned Avicii when receiving their Electronic/Dance act award. They dedicated the prize to Avicii saying that he made them achieve their success and pushed them to believe in succeeding in life by inspiring them, influencing their music and especially the pop music. The duo ended their speech by declaring that they miss Avicii and hopes he has finally found his peace. Avicii died at 28 years of age on 20th April 2018, and the family revealed he committed suicide. Avicii real name was Tim Bergling, and his unreleased music may be released to the public according to Geffen Records Label President. The show was hosted by Kelly Clarkson who took an opportunity to remember the recent shooting in a Texas school, and he said that its time to change the happening and keep children safe and alive.

The Chainsmokers achieves their first breakthrough in music in 2015 after their hit song “Selfie” became top single in different countries. In 2015 the duo released their debut EP the Bouquet, and it featured various songs like the “Roses” that enjoyed a position among the US top 10 Billboard Hot 100. Chainsmokers has won the Grammy Award for their unique dancing moves and recording during the 59th awards, and they have also won to other American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Waiakea Water Is Helping Alkalinize The Body

Alkaline drinking water is a great way to balance your pH levels. This means naturally alkaline water, not man made alkaline water. Our bodies are often bombarded with acidic foods, environment, and other factors that create disease and illness in our bodies. There is a pH scale that can tell us what level or number a food item or beverage is at. 0 is the most acidic on the scale and 14 is completely alkaline. You don’t want to be completely acidic or alkaline. 7.4 is the happy medium. Surprisingly you would think that bottled water would be relatively neutral, but that is not the case. Many companies bottled water ranges from a startling 4 to a more balanced 7. 5.5 is when drinks or beverages starts eating away at the teeth. How could water do that? Waiakea is aware of how good or bad water affects the body and is socially conscious. Their water is a 8.2 helping balance the body back to alkaline, a state in which it is striving for.

Mauna Loa Volcano on Hawaii is one of the most pristine places in the world. The water that flows through the porous volcanic rock is like none other, filled with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Ryan Emmons saw the potential in this water as a clearly superior source that could be turned into a bottled water company.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Waiakea meaning broad waters, is a booming company that can take pride in their mission to help better the world. For every 1 liter of bottled water sold, 650 liters is donated to poor rural communities in Africa where they don’t have access to safe and clean drinking water. To date Waiakea Water has donated over 500 million liters and counting.

This incredible water company is ethically sourced. The spring recharges 1.4 billion gallons a day, so it does not get depleted. Waiakea Water uses renewable energy at their facility so they don’t put more emissions into the atmosphere. On top of that their bottles come from 100 percent recyclable bottles which takes almost 90 percent less energy to produce.

Ryan Seacrest: A Modern Renaissance Man

An award-winning entrepreneur, who has become the voice of his generation, Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents. He is a host and producer across the media spectrum, reaching the heights of broadcast and cable television, as well as continuing work on local and nationally syndicated radio.

In 2018, he returned to the show that made him a household name when ABC decided to reboot the iconic American Idol franchise. Seacrest resumed his hosting duties with that same winning spirit that first charmed America.

He didn’t let the end, albeit temporary, of American Idol halt his ambitions. In the time since the vocal competition left the air, Seacrest has continued to host On Air with Ryan Seacrest, one of the top syndicated radio shows in the country.

Then came Kelly. On his account, it was mentioned that Seacrest was tapped to be Kelly Ripa’s newest co-host on the hugely popular ABC/Disney morning chat show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. As all the opportunities have come his way, Seacrest has kept his busy schedule, continuing his work as co-host of E! Live at the Red Carpet, and, each year, he also plays host to the legendary Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

Behind the camera, his television production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP), is responsible for award-winning and popular shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and its never-ending lineup of spinoffs), Shahs of Sunset, I Love Kellie Pickler, Best.Cover.Ever, Shades of Blue, Insatiable, and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Somehow, this tireless man found the time to create a men’s wear line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and a men’s skincare line. As if that all weren’t enough, Seacrest devotes considerable resources to philanthropic pursuits, through the work of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

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