A Day In The Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is principally known as a media personality who has appeared on numerous radio broadcasts, podcasts and TV programs such as Live with Kelly (Rippa) and Ryan and American Idol, which he hosted for many years. He has also done work in producing such well known programs as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has branched out into fashion by creating his own clothing line; he has even created his own skin care brand. What many people do not know is that Ryan Seacrest is also a highly active philanthropist who, with his family created Ryan Seacrest Foundation, helps pediatric hospitals give their patients a much better shot at overcoming their illness by bringing the care they are recieving to the attention of journalists and also by allowing the hospitalized children themselves to broadcast their personal experiences with their illness.

With all of these aforementioned accolades under his belt many are doubtless curious how Ryan Seacrest is able to keep up spinning all the various plates of his numerous projects at once. According to a recent interview with Mr. Seacrest his average day consists of waking at 6 O clock sharp, dresses, eats a very carefully selected meal (primarily matcha and coffee, given the health benefits of both) and then sets off to workout with his professional trainer, Hernan Santa at around noon. In addition to training with weights and a Peloton machine, Seacrest also practices boxing on the regular with a sparring partner, in his words, “If anybody ever jumps me, I’m ready.”

He has stated that one of the things which has really helped him keep his life balanced was practicing and exercising a regime of self control. For instance, being a rather amiable person, Mr. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) used to feel compelled to answer every phone call and every email immediately, but found this to be absolutely impossible given the sheer volume of calls and messages he began to receive as his star rose. He has noted in the past that he is easily distracted and now practices locking his phone away to keep his mind attuned to the present.

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