Alex Hern Discusses Inspiration and The Value of Focus

There is inspiration in changing a letter. For longtime entrepreneur and tech startup guru Alex Hern, this meant changing the letter from a “C” to a “G.” Alex Hern was the subject of an interview where he discussed the inspiration behind Tsunami XR, a company he co-founded and is the CEO. Read more about Alex Hern at

To be specific the “C” is the first letter in the term CPU-driven computer era, which has evolved to “G” as in GPU-driven era. Understanding the change resulted in the need to develop software that would address this new technological window. The company offers technology such as commercial-grade VR capability and other advanced digital workspace products.

In the interview, Alex Hern discusses more feet-on-the-ground aspects of his life such as his approach to his daily routine. The CEO says he spends about four to five hours a day to concentrate on “one thing” — developing ideas and ways to move his company forward and accomplish its mission. “Multi-tasking,” in his view, is a recipe for making for mistakes. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Other notable portions of the interview discuss how Alex Hern discovers his ideas in the evening when his household is quiet. It’s during times like these that he can focus on things like how augmented reality can drive endpoint products. This idea of focus means disconnecting from things like social media, which can serve as a distraction from, say, that goal of moving the company forward. Although putting a cell phone down may not be something colleagues endorse, it is something Alex Herns does around four to five hours a day.

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