The Achievements of Francisco Domenech in the Political World

Francisco Domenech serves as the managing partner of Politank, a government affair law firm. Mr. Domenech is also a committed philanthropist. For the past few years, for instance, he has supported different causes through Politank. Francisco Domenech gained a wealth of political experience from various roles such as fundraising, voter registration policy development as well as campaign management.

Francisco Domenech before worked in the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly. Some of the duties that Domenech played included representing the interest of the Senate before the court, overseeing outside counsel as well as supervising all in-house counsel work. Within a short period, Domenech became the director of the office of Legislative Services, running a staff of over 125 not forgetting to mention an annual budget of close to $12million. Read this article at

At this time, Puerto Rico was facing a decade of long financial crisis. The government had huge debt, and the rate of unemployment was high on the island. The problems that were being experienced in Puerto Rico were complicated and hard to solve such issues included poor performance in the tourism industry, the high cost of living.

Francisco Domenech also served as the presidential campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico as well as the campaign manager for Jenniffer González in a race of becoming the first as well as youngest woman to serve as the Residential Commissioner in Congress. The two candidates had a challenge of convincing the people of Puerto Rico that they were the best people to bring the island back from the brink. Francisco Domenech was able to manage the two campaign during the 2016 election cycle because he was well versed for participating in politics in and out of Puerto Rico for over two decades.

Mr. Domenech went to the University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science as well as Juris Doctor. He once served as the president of the General Student Body Council for one academic year. During law school, he took time to attend University College London and did several courses in comparative law.

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