Boraie Development in New Jersey

Boraie Development is a company that has multiple residential and commercial developments in the state of New Jersey. Some of them include The Aspire located in New Brunswick, One Rector Street located in Newark and The Estates at Waverly Place in Montgomery. Boarie Development also has residential complexes in Atlantic City and Milltown.


The Aspire in New Brunswick has many features that attract residents. Some of which include easy access the New Brunswick Train Station. The development has a 24/7 Doorman Lobby and 238 total units. There is an attached parking vicinity with access to the elevator from the lobby. The Aspire also includes a certified fitness center and club for residents. The complex is adjacent to the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.


Shaquille O’Neal grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie have partnered in an effort to restore and build commercial developments and housing developments. The focus of their partnership is to focus on New Jersey’s urban downtown areas. They want to focus their attention on one project at a time in order to ensure it is done correct.  For more details you can visit



Shaquille O’Neal says he views building developments as a way to give something back to the city he grew up in. His vision is to make it aesthetically pleasing. The development will have 169 units and will be located near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The development will have a pool, a gym and doorman. The rent begins at $1,400 for a studio apartment. Prior to the development, the Ballantine Brewing company resided in the space.


Often times when a sports star is involved in a real-estate project, more attention is payed the venture. Both parties need to make wise and careful actions before going forward with any decisions. Within the past decade, Boraie Development has built many commercial and residential properties within New Jersey. The majority of the projects are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  You can checkout to see more.





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