InnovaCare Health: the helping hand of Dr. Richard Shinto

InnovaCare Health is unique in the medical insurance industry because they offer integrated healthcare. Integrated healthcare means that not only do they cover certain medical interventions, but they also host facilities that offer that medical care. This is especially present in the US territory of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health is an exceptional provider in the Puerto Rican area, especially after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. In fact, InnovaCare Health has been instrumental in the relief effort following Hurricane Maria. Through the use of clinics, community outreach projects, and hospital-based interventions InnovaCare have been a beacon during a time of extreme distress. The shortage of medical professionals and staffing have been hard on the Puerto Rican region but the professionals with InnovaCare pushed through to persevere in the wake of such a tragedy.


InnovaCare started in 2012 as an answer to a growing desire to provide better standards of care for their clientele. Dr. Richard Shinto is one of the individuals that believed that integrated healthcare could be a key to this problem. He joined the company that would eventually be, InnovaCare way back in 1998. The company, then known as The North American Medical Management, would eventually become the forward-thinking insurance company that it is today. Dr. Richard Shinto is a leading reason why the company has grown so far. Check out



Dr. Richard Shinto is regarded as an excellent President and CEO of InnovaCare. In fact, he has done so well in his position that he was recently named one of the leading minority executives in his field. In fact, he is in the top 25 for this category. He received a medical diploma from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. This was where he gained his love of medicine but also where he learned he had a spark for business. He eventually went on to obtain an MBA from the University of Redland. He now sits as CEO of InnovaCare. You can visit



A leader is only effective if he has good team members. One of the best team members that InnovaCare has is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a very well educated business person and Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. She uses her more than 20 years in industry knowledge to inform her development of innovative clinical programming and management of the healthcare processes. She is instrumental in the day-to-day operations that help InnovaCare function like a well-oiled machine.



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