Adam Milstein and Donald Trump, Two Men With a Single United Vision

It has been almost 2200 years since the Maccabees refused to capitulate to a pagan Seleucid empire. Whose emperor, Antiochus IV, forced out of Alexandria by the Romans, began one of the first religious persecutions in recognized human history.

Forcing the Hebrews to sacrifice to a pagan god by killing and eating a pig that had been slaughtered on the most sacred altar was too much for the priest Mathathias to bear. In a demonstration of devotion and love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Mathathias killed the emperor’s acolyte and declared that the Hebrew people will no longer submit to the cruelty of emperor Antiochus.

Adam Milstein shares this same proud heritage with the Maccabees as well as all Jews. It is this inherent dignity that brought the sovereign state of Israel to its current place in a global reality. In this steadfast tradition Adam Milstein offers to all Jews the heritage of five thousand years of theological history that has been strife with calamity, misfortune, and suffering to bring about a strengthened and dedicated Jewish people.

In a recent interview with the great Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Levin, commentator and constitutional lawyer, asked,

“What is the number one country that poses the greatest threat to Israel?”, the prime minister replied, “Iran”.

The prime minister then asked, “Would you like to know the top three threats to Israel?”. Levin said “Yes, tell me the top three countries that are a threat to Israel.”, to which the prime minister replied, “Iran, Iran, and Iran.”

Adam Milstein understands, as all Jews understand, that in order to remain sovereign, in order to combat the forces of evil, it is important to have powerful, loyal, and true allies. In parallel with that declaration, it is without a doubt one of the great moments in the history of the Jewish faith that President Donald Trump, in May of 2018 will move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel.

On the seventieth anniversary of Israel’s independence, President Donald Trump will stand with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare to the world that the United States is the great friend of Israel.

Adam Milstein sees this as a first step in ridding the plague of extremism that constantly rears its ugly head through violence and bigotry. It is the pride and courage of the Jewish people that for centuries have overcome the most heinous of adversities to emerge a stronger more dedicated faith. Adam Milstein as well as all Jews shares the same heritage as the great Maccabee family and will continue their “walk in the desert”, with God.

Matt Badiali and Careful Investment Research

Matt Badiali is an authority who has a lot of knowledge that involves the agricultural, energy and mining universes. He writes for Banyan Hill Publishing located in Florida’s Delray Beach, too. Matt Badiali isn’t the kind of person who ever has trouble striking up conversations with other individuals. He isn’t the kind of person who ever shies away from hard work, either. He takes researching matters seriously at all times. He takes investment possibilities just as seriously as well. There’s no location on the planet that’s too distant for Badiali and for his research goals, either. He’s happily traveled to places like Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Switzerland, Iraq, Turkey, Hong Kong, Haiti and others. He’s accomplished so many different things throughout his extensive travels as well. Matt Badiali has gotten together with powerful Chief Executive Officers and talked about any resource possibilities they may have coming up. He’s gone to oil wells and mines in all different parts of the planet. He’s given his attention to all kinds of geologic information, too. Matt Badiali has discovered that people honestly have no clue about anything that they don’t view with their very own eyes. This applies to all kinds of topics as well. It applies to business achievement, regional politics and beyond. Badiali believes firmly that people cannot ensure that investments are good ideas without encountering them on their own. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

Badiali has an in-depth educational background in the geology realm. That’s the reason he can pinpoint various warning signals that people should look at themselves. He frequently assesses the abilities of the people who are part of drilling teams. Matt Badiali evaluates the length of time they require for single hole drilling purposes. He evaluates the overall efficiency of all of their activities, too. Drilling is in many cases a steep cost for businesses that aren’t too large. Viewing drilling professionals can provide people with helpful insight that relates to company wellness and more. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali has integrated his investment and geology talents for more than 10 years now. Doing so has given him the power to access substantial profits. He used to work for a drilling firm as a knowledgeable geologist. He used to work for an environmental agency in consulting as well. This was before he scored his job with Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali studied at Florida Atlantic University and Pennsylvania State University. He learned all about geology and earth sciences.


OSI Indsutries Spreading across Europe

OSI Indsutries Inc. is a massive corporation operating globally with over 50 facilities and offices in 17 countries and counting. The corporation is spread out across the United States of America, Australia, Europe, the Philippines, and several Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and India.

Over the decades of growth, the OSI Industries Inc. has expanded a lot thanks to its wide acquisition plan. The business has purchased a vast number of smaller businesses around the world such as the company of Flagship Europe. The company is a supplier of frozen poultry, pies, sous ide, as well as mayonnaise, a variety of sauces and dressings to the foodservice market of the United Kingdom. The portfolio of Flagship Europe was a good addition to the services of the OSI Industries. The acquisition also helped the global corporation strengthen and expand their presence in the United Kingdom.

The OSI Indsutries Inc is based in Aurora, Illinois where it started out as a small corner shop for meat more than 80 years ago. It was established by a German immigrant who called his small business Otto’s Meat market. As his family expanded, his sons started working in the family business as well, and the shop was renamed to Otto & Sons. The business started taking off when McDonald’s started using its services. That attracted other chains as well.

The company renamed itself OSI Group later on, and the next chapter of its work started when Mr. Sheldon Lvin joined in as a leader of the company. The OSI Group was no longer a family business, and it was growing dramatically. Mr. Sheldon Lavin was working in Law and did services for the OSI Group. When he got onboard, he assumed a few positions in the leadership of the corporation and turned his gaze to rest of the world. He brought a lot of perspective for the OSI Group Inc as he devised a clear plan for expansion and achieving a global status.

Flagship Europe had a large part to play in the expansion of OSI Group in Europe. The global corporation had already established a strong presence on the European continent, but by adding the company to its portfolio, it opened new doors to expand upon its services and become more active in the United Kingdom.

The Flagship Europe is based in the United States in Denver, Colorado. It expanded its presence after the acquisition of the UK- company Calder Foods. That allowed the Flagship Europe to move into the food-to-go sector f the country. It also added the services of supplying food places with sauces and other condiments after the acquisition. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

At the helm of the Flagship Europe is Chief Executive officer Mr. Russel Maddock. He stated that Flagship Europe prides itself on striving towards progressiveness and development. He and his company believe that getting the chance to become a part of the OSI Group will bring a bright future to the company. Flagship Europe became a part of OSI Europe in 2016 which operates across the continents


Bob Reina: He Gives People What They Need Out Of Life

Hope is something that is very powerful in today’s world. It gives people a reason to believe, and it gives people a reason to think they can have a happier life. After all, if you were to ask most people what they want out of life, they would probably tell you they want to be happier. They want to get all they can out of life and they want to cherish and enjoy each and every single day they are on this planet. They don’t want a single second to go to waste. After all, every single person deserves the best. They just need to start believing that and start achieving that.


There is someone out there that is an advocate for the people and that individual is Bob Reina. He is all about the people. He has always been about the people, going back to his days in law enforcement. He strictly wants what is best for them and what is going to excite them and bring them a lot of happiness. Bob Reina is excited as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He knows they are a cutting edge company that really knows how to market the product and help out other entrepreneurs with big dreams.


Bob Reina loves talking to the dreamers before and after. He loves talking to them before because they are so excited to start the project and sink their teeth into it. They are ready and willing to start changing their life for the better. He also loves talking to them at the end of it because they have realized their dream and they are about to take it to the next level. It’s all a process, but it is one that starts with the idea and it blossoms when they commit to it and they see what can be done with it. Learn more:


Bob Reina has spoken very openly in the past about how he gets paid by the amount of dreams he can help come true. In that case, he is rich in the best possible way because a lot of dreams are coming true.





Equities First Holdings UK

Background information

Al Christy Jr. discovered Equities First Holdings in 2002 and established headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, United States of America. Equities First Holdings operate under the principle of security-based loans. There is no other financial firm that operates with these types of loans. Christy had tried this type of loan for many years until he came up with a formula that would make security-based loans yield good returns. Investors have gained interest in the stock-based loans and have been approaching EFH for these loans. Most of them are form the United States and from another regions of the world. EFH decided to expand their territories so that they could serve more clients.


Equities First Holdings UK

EFH London (UK) was the first subsidiaries to be established. They were able to serve clients and residents from the United Kingdom and other regions. EFH London is the most successful branch of EFH, and more information click here.

How Passion and Motivation Brought Todd Lubar Success

Todd Lubar is an Entrepreneur and leader in business spanning across multiple industries including real estate, mortgage, and even scrap metal. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He started his career with Crestar Mortgage Corporation before moving to Texas to develop the Maryland Legacy Financial office where he was able to produce several units of 100 million dollars in loan volume in a year alone. Todd Lubar currently serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and the Senior Vice President of of Legendary Investments.

Lubar interviewed with Release Fact in March of 2018 sharing experiences, strategies, and recommendations. Lubar shares that he has always carried the entrepreneurial spirit with him, selling lemonade or hot chocolate from age seven to shoveling snow as a side gig growing up. He is a goal-oriented person who’s idea of success goes beyond his personal self, but for others too.

According to Inspirery, Lubar has been a motivated person from a young age, always knowing that you have to work hard for what you want. He has been motivated by providing a service for others and inspiring others through his work, in which their happiness made his happiness.

Lubar continues to explain that his motivation and positive outlook are used strategically in the work place to create a communicative and equal environment. Trust between members of the team allow a safe space for thinking and growing towards actions of success. Check out

Fear is what ultimately keeps Lubar motivated every day. Having previously worked on a commission-structured basis, Lubar stays involved in every aspect of the business to stay ahead of any obstacles. He shares that his long-term goal for his business is for the business to run on 80% efficiency without his direct involvement. With personal advisors to help him limit his day-to-day interaction with the team, his ultimate goal would to have a successful, autonomous team to run on their own while he could venture into a new side of business.

Todd Lubar continues to share his ideas, advices, and outlook in Real Fact’s article. To view the complete article, click here.

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Jason Hope Focuses on Importance of Biotechnology

Jason Hope is, among many things, one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in the technological field today. Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University and he has made his mark on the industry as a prevalent developer and investor in the mobile communications field. Using his early success to boost him, Hope has started to expand his focus to a variety of different fields. As an entrepreneur, Hope has to always be looking to the next wave of technology in order to stay ahead of his competition. This has led Hope to research and summarily embracing the rise importance of biotechnologies. Let’s look at how Hope’s philanthropic outreach may help to change the world that we live in today.

Any conversation surrounding Jason Hope needs to involve the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit clinic that is working out of California in order to try and address many of the problems that humans face due to age-related illness. As a futurist, Hope probably thinks about the realities of aging and how it affects our society. Hope even admitted during an interview with Idea Mensch that aging can be reversed, at least at a cellular level, if the right tools are put into the right hands. For that reason, Hope turned to the SENS Foundation with a massive donation of $500,000.

Hope’s decision to donate to the SENS Foundation was due in large part to his faith in the work fo Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey De Grey is the lead researcher at the SENS Foundation and one of the most remarkable minds in the field of biotechnologies geared toward age-related illness. Hope’s connection with Dr. Aubrey de Grey led directly to the donation and that donation will be used to help the SENS Foundation reinvigorate some of their specific research programs. Dr. Aubrey de Grey revealed that the SENS Foundation would use Hope’s donation in order to research solutions to the problems that Arteriosclerosis presents. Arteriosclerosis is, primarily, what causes our blood pressure to rise as we age due to the hardening of our arteries. This is a huge problem with the elderly and if Hope’s money can help lead to a solution, it could be a life-saver.

Outside of biotechnologies, Jason Hope is working extensively on several different projects. Right now, Hope is uniquely focused on developing solutions to a variety of different problems that are coming in the tech world — including solutions presented by the Internet of Things.

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Aloha Construction Provides Timely And Effective Solutions

Aloha Construction is a construction, repair, and restoration company that services to all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company employs a team of claim specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, and other experts to deliver the right solution for each client.

Aloha Construction has completed over 7,000 local projects. The company is family owned and operated. Although Aloha Construction is a relatively small business, it is a leading contract generator. The company has also gained a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget, with a record of safety that is unrivalled. View the Company reviews at

If you are homeowner, the company can help you improve your house or help you solve some of your more perplexing problems. Here are some of the services offered by the company:

Aloha Construction has a high quality team of roofing experts who can help you repair damaged roof tiles, shingles, and gutter spouts. If your siding is starting to wear down and needs replacement, the company can send an experienced team to do the job.

You may be thinking about remodeling or upgrading your home. The company can help you execute this rather large task. From the very first stages of planning to the decision on which materials to purchase to the actual job of building or restoring a space, the experts at Aloha Construction will put their knowledge and experience to work for you.


The company also offers a number of installation services. It can send a team of workmen over to help you install a new wooden or vinyl door. If you need help replacing a screen, you can call the company and it will immediately dispatch a team to your residence.

If your home has suffered significant damage, you need a repair and restoration firm that can provide you with timely assistance. Aloha Construction is guided by the principle of timely response to client needs. You will get what you need, and you will get it on time. The professionals who come out in response to your call are not only experienced experts; they are also engaging individuals who are determined to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the service they provide. Follow Aloha Construction on Twitter.

Jason Hope; Supporting Anti-aging Research beyond Donations

There has been an increase in research in finding treatment to reduce the rate of aging in humans. Initial experiments involved lab animals which have multiple genetic differences between the animals and humans. Although the initial trials had discouraging results, researchers have continued to explore various dimensions of the field. The scientists now have a good understanding of the aging process, particularly in human beings.

The improved understanding has also attracted individuals from other aspects of life. They include Jason Hope is an investor and philanthropist. Jason has expressed interest in helping researchers find solutions to aging as well as other degenerative diseases. These diseases include cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which consume huge amounts of Americans seeking treatment their income. He opines that neurodegenerative diseases lead to a premature breakdown of the human body.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. His donation and other contributions from well-wishers assisted the organization in setting up the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. A portion of the contributions was also used in starting a new research program. According to Jason who believes in the vital role of technology in improving human life, SENS Research Foundation employs a unique and innovative approach to anti-aging. The approach is different from the conventional treatment methods which seek to manage diseases after they occur.

Jason’s donations have certainly supported the growth of SENS Research Foundation founded in 2009. The non-profit organization is committed to promoting and ensuring access to rejuvenation biotechnologies to address age-related diseases.

About Jason Hope

Jason is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has a broad interest in technology and has been credited with various mobile technology innovations. He was born in born in Tempe, Arizona. Mr. Hope graduated with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University and earned an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. His educational background in business propelled him to start a company which came to be a significant mobile communications entity. Jason currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason is a reputable philanthropist who has supported many organizations involved in disease prevention, control, and cure. Some of them include Family Health International, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and Arizona Science Center among others. He has also established grant programs for businesspeople and startups. Jason can also be described as a futurist. This explains his interest in the anti-aging research through donations and moral support to organizations such as SENS Research Foundation.

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Boraie Development and The Exciting Growth and Changes in New Jersey’s Real Estate Industry

The United States has learned a lot from its real estate mistakes in the past, and from that learning experience, it’s now ready to invest in new strategies. One of the by-products of these strategies is to invest a lot of capital in real estate budget for the thriving opportunities in New Jersey.

That’s not hard to imagine, considering that, according to an article published in the Philly Purge news site, New Jersey is now where all the excitement and rebound of the real estate rise in the country today. In fact, according to real estate tracking platform Zillow, New Jersey has now outcompeted the rest of the country in terms of the highest shares and competitive rates , as well as in terms of residential mortgages.

This means that New Jersey is trailing the country in terms of competency and number of new commercial purchases of residential and business units.

There are many reasons why this advanced growth in New Jersey has been happening lately. Some of them include a complete recovery from the real estate crises, generation of highly educated households, high rise of employment and high expectancy of the growth of New Jersey’s home prices.

With all these new changes in New Jersey and its industry’s focus to determine the housing shortages in the state, we can expect an increased number of real estate players in the local state’s industry. The new changes in the real estate environment in New Jersey could therefore invite more developers to address the housing shortages and demand in the state. One of these developers is Boraie Development, which is a leading development company in New Jersey that’s quite well equipped in transforming the real estate landscape of the state. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

About Boraie Development

According to Rutgers, Boraie Development has built a name in establishing itself as one of the leading real estate developers in New Jersey, with projects involving luxury real estate infrastructure and residential buildings. One of the most prominent and luxurious real estate projects today of Boraie Development is Aspire, which puts Boraie’s building project to the top.

Boraie Development is also known to provide the most exceptional real estate projects to its loyal clientele, totalling about $150 million in real estate budget. The man behind the company’s operations today is Omar Boraie, and the work that he’s done for the company has proven to be the fuel that drives the growth and innovation of the company’s footing in the New Jersey real estate markets.

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