Michael Zomber Has Vast Historical Knowledge

A historian who has gained notoriety in the world of TV is Michael Zomber. He has been associated with A&E and The History Channel for many years. He has been a contributor to a large number of the projects they have released. Both of the cable networks like to conduct extensive interviews with Michael and show clips of these conversations during their documentaries.

Michael’s vast knowledge about many historical periods has made him very popular among the viewers of these networks. The publicity has helped Michael to gain many followers on social media. This has allowed him to promote his various projects to a larger group of people.

Michael Zomber is a talented author. He has gained a legion of devoted fans thanks solely to his writing. “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai” is a book that Michael is particularly proud of. It is a work that is non-fiction and was originally published in 2009. He has also delved into the world of fiction with “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” and “Shogun Iemitsu.”

People in the literary world were quite impressed with the writing skill displayed by Zomber when you consider the fact that he does not have many titles to his credit. Michael has said that he will release another book in the future. He just needs to find time to write it.

Zomber went to the University of Illinois. He believes that his time at that school helped to make him the person he is today. He loved his professors and gained wisdom from them. He eventually graduated with degrees in the fields of psychology and English.

According to White Pages, Michael Zoomber then moved on to graduate school at UCLA where he received an English literature master’s degree. He thought that he might end up becoming an English literature professor at that point. He thought the money and the limited hours were very appealing.

However, he went to a gun show with one of his friends. This fateful trip changed his life. He then decided to study the history of guns and start a collection.