OSI Group Purchases Other Companies

OSI Group is based in Illinois and is branching out all over the world. This company offers a wide range of food products to retail stores.

Baho Food

In August of 2016 OSI Group purchased Baho Food, a Dutch company with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Food is a company that is involved in manufacturing meat products for retail sales. The President of OSI Group, David G. McDonald, stated that the company wanted to expand their business in Europe, which led to the purchase of Baho Food, a company in which McDonald believes is in line with the practices of his company. The employees of Baho Food remained employed even after the company was purchased. The plan of this purchase was to offer customers more products while growing the customer base in Europe.

Flagship Europe

In December of 2016 OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe which is a company that offers many different products including frozen food, pies, and sauces. This purchase was good for both companies involved. Flagship Europe will now be able to have more resources than before, which will allow them to better serve their customers’ needs and increase their customer base globally. The purchaser of this company is benefiting from now having an even stronger presence in Europe while allowing them to serve their customers better, as well.

Tyson Food Plant

In June of 2016 OSI Group purchased a Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s south side. With a couple plants already in Chicago, this more recent purchase is supposed to help keep up with the needs of the customers while allowing growth in the company. Before the purchase, Tyson Food was planning on closing this plant, leaving all the employees without jobs. Now, many of the employees of the Tyson Food Plant were offered employment with the purchaser of the plant, minimizing the number of employees left without work.


American Made: OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

Have you ever heard of the OSI Group before? Forbes has, in fact Forbes ranked them #58 on America’s Largest Private Companies List. So what does the OSI Group do you may ask. The are food producers, with a wide range of products.

Chances are you are a customer right now. The OSI Group distributes meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry and vegetable products. The OSI Group is a holding company for meat processors needing to get their products out to retail and food service industries worldwide. The company has been around since the early 1900’s. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolshowsky as family owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago area as Otto and Sons,USA.

Nearly 50 years into the business and the birth of another giant in the meat industry emerged. McDonald’s,and who did McDonald’s select to supply fresh ground beef? You guessed it, Otto and Sons. This magnificent business move funded the birth in the early 1970s of the USA plant, in Illinois Chicago then known as Otto Industries.

Wow. I wonder if Otto knew his little family butcher shop would become what it is today. Expanding globally the company grew into an american power house. If the OSI Group was a car, it would be an american muscle car with an engine like Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious Part 1. With offices world wide in almost every know country and continent. Even acquiring stock controlling stake of stock in new emerging private food corporations to name a few like Baho Food and Tyson in 2016. The OSI Group is a major american leader in food distribution. I like that saying, “major american leader”.

So whether you heard of them or whether you have not. At some point in time while on earth you have enjoyed their products. I got some OSI Group products in my refrigerator right now. Yes, I do and you do too. So the next time you are enjoying that bacon for breakfast or that hot dog for lunch, remember it all started from a little butcher shop owner.

You would think you would here more about America’s 58th Largest Company yet you don’t. I’m glad to know that the american dream is real or at least was at one time. A little business that satisfied a need now satisfies the world needs. Now that the OSI Group is at the top of the food chain, literally. We hope for the same great quality of food and service we have grown to expect. Thanks OSI Group for feeding the world.



OSI Group is a meat processing holding company that provides its services to both wholesale and food service facilities. The company is located in Aurora in the Illinois and its products include vegetable products, fish, pizza, bacon, meat patties, hot dogs and poultry products. Other names used to refer to the OSI Group Company are OSI North America and OSI Industries.

OSI Group was started in the year 1909 in Chicago as a local slaughter shop and a market for meat with the name Otto and sons. In the year 1955, Otto and sons received a boost when they were selected to supply Hamburger to the McDonald’s as a result of which it built a special plant in the year 1973 to provide this service. It is during this period that Sheldon Lavin got into partnership with the Otto family. He accelerated the growth of Otto and Sons into a global Company leading to the change of the company’s name from Otto and Sons to OSI Industries in the year 1975.

OSI industries extended its services to Spain, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil and Germany in the 1980s and it established two more plants in the US. In the 1990s, the Company’s services had reached Mexico, Poland as well as the Philippines. In the early 2000s, OSI Industries also extended its services to a number of continents through acquisitions and in the year 2004 its name was changed to OSI Group, LLC.

In 2010, OSI Group opened a production company for beef in Japan, extended services to India and continued opening up new plants within the US and in the year 2014 it got into joint ventures in Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. Its joint venture in Germany with EDEKA, a well-known supermarket chain, provided a readily available market for its meat products. The United Kingdom’s Pickstock venture enabled the company to extend its services to all over Europe and collaboration with Select Ready Foods which is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada allowed OSI Group to sell its processed meat products within Canada. The various acquisitions made by the company within 2016 include acquisition of the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, acquisition of the Baho Foods, Acquisition of UK Flagship Europe and the acquisition of Tyson Foods. All these acquisitions expanded OSI Groups production capability as well as its distribution boundaries.

OSI Group Info: www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries