Tony Petrello: Giving And Giving

Donating and giving back is one of the most important things we can do as people. E When one finally becomes successful they should give back because hey were once struggling like everyone else. It could have been anyone to have fortune simile on them and be given an opportunity as success. As easy as it is given it can be taken away. This is something that Tony Petrello may feel as he is a frequent giver to the masses.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industry a company that digs and drills for oil. When we think of business owners especially those involved in crude oils people think of a slimy and very greedy companies or people. However, that couldn’t be further way from Mr. Petrello’s attitude and actions. He has always maintained a kind and generous display and in recent years has started to donate like never before. Tony Petrello has shifted his attention to helping those in the medical field to find cures for disease and sicknesses They have donated already over 5 million dollars to scientific researchers in the medical world. He has a personal stake in this research going forward as his daughter was born premature and as a result developed the disease known as leukomalacia which is a neurological disorder that inhibits learning and functions of the brain. Her ability to eat and speak and walk have been slowed and there are many other innocent children around the world who suffer similarly as her from the same condition. Mr. Tony has decided to donate to the research facility in their own neighborhood known as the Texas children’s hospital to find a cure for his daughter and other children like her.

This isn’t the only area that Tony Petrello has given back too. The Yale graduate has also created an endowment fund in memory of one of his close friends professor Serge Lang of Yale university. This fund will help the school students immensely. Tony Petrello is just a giver he even helped with victims of Hurricane Harvey when the disaster struck. He is a shining example of someone that gives with no underlying deceit or tricks.

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Eric Pulier: Bettering the World through Technology, Business, and Philanthropy

There are a few people in the world who can do a couple of things and be great in all of them. Eric Pulier is one among the elite. This entrepreneur is a multi-faceted and accomplished business executive, author, IT guru, and most importantly a philanthropist. In all these aspects of his life, Erick has been able to live a permanent impact on the lives of people.


Eric Pulier was born and brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey and attended Teaneck high school. Mr. Pulier developed a fascination for computers at a very tender age and while in his fourth year of high school, he inaugurated his first ever company, a database firm. Eric’s dream in the IT industry was even fueled when got the chance to join Harvard University to pursue a degree in English and American Literature. He also picked up Computer Science which he studied on part-time basis as well as being a member of the college’s magazine’s editorial team.


After graduation, Mr. Pulier was well equipped with enough skills to conquer the world. Instead of looking for job opportunities in his hometown, Eric migrated to Los Angeles where he formed People Doing Things, a technological company that sought to offers solutions to the educational problems affecting the society. With the success of this company, Erick went ahead and formed a Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Akana, and Desktone among others that have performed well in the industry.


When it comes to publishing sector, Eric has authored a number of books and articles. His greatest works include “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” a book he co-authored in 2005 and an article “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” that was published by Forbes Magazine.


Eric Pulier is passionate about giving and philanthropy. His philanthropic activities are precisely centered on children living with chronic diseases. The Painted Turtle, for instance, seeks to redecorate the lives of children with terminal illness by giving them a lifetime camping experience. Mr. Erick ensures this is so by supplying the organization with funds and social amenities they need. He also gives his time by camping and tending to the needs of these children.