Securus Technologies-Crime prevention

Securus technology is a leading provider of the criminal and civil justice solutions for public safety. Also, it provides an ample time for investigation, corrections and monitoring several facilities. Currently, a large number of people recommend the use of technology in solving the crimes. Inmate-on-inmate crimes are also observed. The company is of high benefit to the people since it employs approximately 1000 people and it is also reported to have contracts with 2600 correctional facilities in the United States. Securus serve several correctional institutions both in the United States and Canada.


Most of the company’s investments are directed toward technology since they believe that it is only through technology that they achieve their goals. From the letters and the emails communications received from prison and jail officials throughout the United States, it is apparent that most people are satisfied with the services offered. The communication comes mainly from the officials who have the responsibility of preventing and solving crimes. Sampling some of the messages, it is clear that the technology helped the prison officials to monitor information regarding inmate alcohol use, drug selling and abuse in the facility.


Also, possible use of a cellular device in the service is easily tracked and any suspicious conversations regarding money transfer. When such activities are prevented in prison, the level of intimate-on inmate crimes reduces.It is now over one decade since the Securus services started operating in prison. The most encouraging part of it is when the one see the vendor so far committed to both revolution and incarceration. Additionally, the investigative tools enable the staff to conduct an investigation when cases of harassment are reported or when there is a potential threat to the community. Therefore, one can confidently say that Securus has played a significant role in enhancing security in the prisons.



Free Communication

In a recent internet news release Securus Technologies has produced information on GTL, and how that particular company has attempted to deface Securus with allegations of patent expiration. Securus Technologies holds patents to many online applications, software, technological services and project management services. If these allegations are true that would mean that all of these products might fall into the hands of other corporations. Fortunately, Securus alongside their allies within the information technology industry have discovered that these accusations are inaccurate and untrue. Securus has released information on their patents recently which totally debunks GTL claims.


Securus is an important company as it provides products and services to individuals who are not usually represented within America. These individuals, who may have possibly made mistakes in the past and are now paying for those decisions within the American justice system, have the same needs as consumers currently not being incarcerated. Securus offers them communications technology allowing them to remain in contact with friends, family members and loved ones. This technology is normally in the form of applications that can be downloaded on mobile devices and computer systems and allow communication to be simplified and more comfortable. Video streaming is one such ability that secures focuses upon, which means that customers can speak to their loved ones in a virtual environment and are able to avoid time that it takes for travel and visitation within the prison itself.