Rodrigo Terpins: Racing at the 25th Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins is a passionate driver and a strategic businessman. He was born and raised in Brazil, and his family is enthusiastic about sports and other related activities. He is the son of a former Brazilian basketball player, and he is the older brother of Michel Terpins, who is also into rally driving. Rodrigo Terpins founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team years ago, with the primary goal of building the best team in the whole country that will compete with other teams for the prize at the annual Sertoes Rally. His first recruits are his brother and two of his closest friends. Rodrigo Terpins would be joining this year’s event, and he appointed his younger brother to drive the vehicle for the course of the whole race.



The organizers behind this year’s Sertoes Rally stated that they preferred to have the starting point at the Midwestern section of the country. They also revealed that the length of the course would be more than 2,500 kilometers, and they are expecting the racers to finish the race in the shortest time possible. Rodrigo knew that they could have an advantage during the race because the type of terrain for the official event is similar to the terrain where they are practicing. Rodrigo Terpins then left his younger brother with an uplifting and encouraging message, saying that his family would always be by his side no matter what happens. Check out to see more.




There are more than 200 rally drivers from around the world who were invited by the organizers of the 25th edition of Sertoes Rally. They will be driving a vehicle that would be able to finish the race in the shortest period, equipped with extreme power for the unpredictable terrain that they would encounter along the way. Michel Terpins is driving the T-Rex, a T1 Prototype that undergone repairs and remodeling. Rodrigo Terpins’ friends have installed a V8 engine on the vehicle, to ensure that it would be able to pass through the unforgiving terrain of the country. Rodrigo Terpins, later on, said that he would be visiting the communities affected by the event soon and offer them basic utilities.




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