Aloha Construction Provides Timely And Effective Solutions

Aloha Construction is a construction, repair, and restoration company that services to all of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The company employs a team of claim specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, and other experts to deliver the right solution for each client.

Aloha Construction has completed over 7,000 local projects. The company is family owned and operated. Although Aloha Construction is a relatively small business, it is a leading contract generator. The company has also gained a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget, with a record of safety that is unrivalled. View the Company reviews at

If you are homeowner, the company can help you improve your house or help you solve some of your more perplexing problems. Here are some of the services offered by the company:

Aloha Construction has a high quality team of roofing experts who can help you repair damaged roof tiles, shingles, and gutter spouts. If your siding is starting to wear down and needs replacement, the company can send an experienced team to do the job.

You may be thinking about remodeling or upgrading your home. The company can help you execute this rather large task. From the very first stages of planning to the decision on which materials to purchase to the actual job of building or restoring a space, the experts at Aloha Construction will put their knowledge and experience to work for you.


The company also offers a number of installation services. It can send a team of workmen over to help you install a new wooden or vinyl door. If you need help replacing a screen, you can call the company and it will immediately dispatch a team to your residence.

If your home has suffered significant damage, you need a repair and restoration firm that can provide you with timely assistance. Aloha Construction is guided by the principle of timely response to client needs. You will get what you need, and you will get it on time. The professionals who come out in response to your call are not only experienced experts; they are also engaging individuals who are determined to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the service they provide. Follow Aloha Construction on Twitter.