The Ancient Trabuco War Machine

The Trabuco was a Middle Age siege weapon that was used during the 13th Century D.C to crack and destroy enemy walls as well as fling fireballs towards the enemy territory using a large arm connected to the base of the machine as well as a lever.

Trabuco machines were usually quite big and they all contained a long piece of lumber that was rested on a motor with a catapult fastened to the increased side of the lever and a stabilizer on its decreased side. It would take a group of people to pull the strings attached to the weight in order to fling the objects, that weighed around 140 pounds, at the enemy. It was even used to fling ammunition at the enemies who were hiding behind a defensive wall to assure that it was as efficient as possible. According to, the Trabuco could fling objects as far as 800 meters away at high speeds towards the enemies walls and their territory, but it was not all that accurate of a shot, so it eventually got replaced by other weapons.


Before the latest version of the Trabuco, a Tensile Trabuco was used to sling 140 pound objects 80 meters away. It was one of the first Trabucos created and it took roughly 250 people to drag down the lever! The amount of Tensile Trabucos made were limited though because of the fact that it had very faulty coordination. The Tensile Trabuco was no longer used after the 11th century because of these facts, so it was replaced with the Trabuco. The Trabuco was used during the period of time of the Crusades, it was also used by the Europeans. The Europeans thought that the Trabuco was an amazing weapon so they used it to inflict damage towards the people who were in opposition of the Christian Movement based on

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