Knocking Out Your To-Do List Quicker With Advice From Upwork

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a private freelancing platform that allows clients and employees to connect for completing various projects. Potential freelancing prospects posts their skills on a profile page and employers hire them based on the proposals sent. Upwork has attracted 12 million users, a number that steadily growing every year, generating about $1 billion annually. Formerly known as Elance and Odesk, both companies merged into Upwork.

Getting Through Your To-Do List Quickly

Many freelancers find it very hard to complete to-do lists effectively, especially when they have more than one client. Sometimes other responsibilities divert their attention temporarily and that can make them lose focus of the goal. Upwork has some powerful advice on helping these freelancers and clients get through their to-do lists efficiently and effectively.

One step is to think about everything you have to complete. Evaluate how much work you actually have and exactly what you need to do. A good way to facilitate this information is by writing down everything on a piece of paper, or store them on a calendar app. Preparing your daily tasks beforehand for the next day will help you complete them relatively quickly as well.

The next step is to consolidate every task. Do not have them scattered all over the place because that can make them become difficult to manage, especially when you have a lot of work. More importantly, it is very easy to forget about tasks if they are not written down or readily available. This is because you would get caught up looking for a key piece of information that you missed, which is time-wasting.

Another step is evaluating your time in general. Ask when, where, and how long this task is going to take. Always ensure your priorities before working so your attention does not get distracted by other obligations. Keep the end goal as the focal point. Try your best to complete tasks early so nothing hinders you from reaching your deadline.

Make sure to create a stress free environment by having a motivating picture nearby or your favorite food available.

The last method is zooming in and out by breaking down each task into small manageable chunks

These are a couple of ways to get through your to-do list quickly. Happy trails!

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