Freedom Checks – By Matt Badiali

“Freedom Checks” has been a major project worked on by many of our former presidents for many. many. many years [40 years]. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even Donald have exercised some sought of effort in building this program into a great success. Presidents see this program as a way in keeping the citizens of America free, meaning more self-sufficient. They use the $128 trillion dollars that the U.S. makes through natural resources to fatten the pockets of the U.S. citizens. How great it is to be American! Visit to know more.

The portion of the country who has decided to participate in the program will be able to get a piece of $34.6 billion. They can receive a weekly payout of sums as great as $55,000. There are 568 agents who are involved in issuing the payouts to American citizens. To participate, all a U.S. citizen has to do is stake their claim. But, many are skeptical as to what is meant by staking ones claim. Read this article at

The gentleman behind this program, Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali, states that anyone can get their hands on unlimited checks through this program. But, really, what exactly is the catch, Mr. Badiali? Well, what the public isn’t aware of is the fact that this program is only lucrative if one was to invest [stake its claim] in companies that Matt Badiali sees as fit. But, the great news is that companies in which investors would invest in are only ones that earns 90% of its revenue in the natural resources sector and its payouts are highly lucrative to its shareholders. Matt Badiali only suggests companies that are the biggest and safest stocks [per specifications] to invest in within the market. Badiali’s recommendations have been used to build fortunes of the wealthy for many years and now he is making “Freedom Checks” available to the entire United States. Oh, there is one more thing, you would have to purchase a one year subscription to “Real Wealth Strategist”; The cost is $79.


What you may not know about Matt Badiali is that he is extremely confident that participants will receive these “Freedom Checks” if they apply. He has been involved in the natural resources industry for over 20 years. Throughout his career he has taken many investors to a land of great fortune and all he is asking is that you stake your claim and get a piece of the Freedom Check pie.

Jason Hope Hopes to Prevent Aging

Let us face it. Nobody wants to grow old. We have managed to come up with cures for so many health problems. Regardless of what the problem is, researchers have worked long and hard to figure out ways to heal each disease. Many diseases are no longer in existence at all thanks to the technological advances in the field of medicine and science. Take polio, for example. Less than one hundred years ago, polio was a disease that everyone feared. It affected so many kids every year. Even the president of the United States had polio. People did know what to do about polio. It was just expected that polio was a part of life that could not be avoided.

These days, however, you never hear of polio anymore. The reason for this is that polio is gone from the scene in America, and it has been gone for many decades. This is all thanks to a wonderful vaccine that came out that prevented the polio disease in children.

As you can see, medical researchers have been able to come up with a way to cure or prevent a lot of conditions. However, there is one condition which they have not been able to prevent or cure. That condition is called aging. Nobody wants to grow old. However, regardless of how much research and hard work that was put into it, nobody has come up with a way to prevent people from growing old. People continue to grow old and die.

However, there is new hope on the horizon. That is not a pun. Jason Hope has come up with a new way to help prevent aging. Jason Hope is a new age entrepreneur and technology geek. He started a fundraising campaign to start a new organization that will come up with a way to prevent aging.

Jason Hope is putting his money where his mouth is. He donated half a million dollars of his own money a number of years ago to start a new research campaign into ways technology can help slow down the aging process. There are a number of possible ways technology can help combat and prevent aging in people and make them feel and look young again. Jason Hope hopes that the public will benefit greatly from this research. It is groundbreaking, as nobody has ever done it before.

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Meet Nick Vertucci: He’s An Author and Entrepreneur Who Has A Lot of Things To Say About Life and Business

As the author of the book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, Nick Vertucci has garnered a lot of valuable experience in real estate and worked with mentors to better himself in his niche over the years. Vertucci’s memoir lays out six key building blocks about what it takes to succeed in business.

Vertucci’s book, which was published by Lioncrest Publishing, details in 350 pages what the critical steps are for creating the foundation of Mr. Vertucci’s life-altering philosophy. This philosophy allowed Vertucci to discover the way to financial freedom while building a secure business enterprise that can sustain itself in the future.

Nick Vertucci is the CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, a firm that is located in Irvine, California. After he created a very successful real estate company, Nick Vertucci decided to create Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Mr. Vertucci’s academy provides future entrepreneurs with the resources and the knowledge necessary to have a successful — and very lucrative — real estate investment profession.

Because of his extensive knowledge and skill set in areas like property investing, Vertucci helped to create a professionally managed investment-based system. This system was built to help other investors with things like rehabbing, purchasing, and renting properties that are owned by lending institutions.

Before he chose the path as real estate investor, Vertucci was a member of law enforcement for 18 years. After he retired from a law enforcement career that involved putting his own life on the line, he noted that he chose to save other people’s financial lives.

Vertucci notes that a portion of his philosophy is that one’s past does not determine one’s future in life. Vertucci rags-to-riches story had its ups and downs early in life when at the age of 18, he was living out of his van. It was a point in his life that he considered an “all-time” low. But, Nick was able to preserve by building up a successful business selling computer parts.

Then, in 2000, the dot-com crash of 2000 happened, and Nick lost his finances and was not financially prepared for market turmoil then. Nick was married with kids when he remarked that his finances disintegrated before his eyes. Luckily, he had his house and was invited by a friend to attend a real estate seminar.

Vertucci has been the host of California’s top real estate investing show, “The Real Estate Investing Hour.” Part of Vertucci’s appeal is the system he has created for flipping properties and accruing cash flow to increase one’s wealth. Vertucci also extolls the virtues of having a mentor that can steer one clear of pitfalls that can occur in the real estate market.

Ryan Seacrest Long And Varied Career

American producer, TV host and radio personality Ryan John Seacrest was born on Christmas Eve in 1974. He is known for hosting On Air with Ryan Seacrest at KIIS-FM, American Top 40 and American Idol, during May of 2017 he became co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. From 2004 to 2013 and during 2016 American Idol got Seacrest nominated for an Emmy Award. In 2010 he won an Emmy for being Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution producer, during 2018 he was nominated for Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest went to Dunwoody High School, and when he was sixteen he got an internship at Atlanta’s WSTR FM station where he was trained in several radio aspects by Tom Sullivan. Seacrest was put on the overnight weekend shift at WSTR after being put on air for the first time after a DJ called in sick. He continued working at WSTR until 1992 when he graduated from high school.

Ryan Seacrest attended the University of Georgia where he studied journalism and continued the show at an Athens station. He moved to Hollywood at the age of nineteen to pursue a career in broadcasting. The University of Georgia gave him an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters during May of 2016 when he also gave the commencement speech during graduation ceremonies.

Allegation of Sexual Harassment

Seacrest was reported to be under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment by a form wardrobe stylist at E! during November of 2017. Seacrest responded with a public apology if his accuser had felt disrespected by any of his actions and stated he would cooperate fully. It was February of 2018 that the Associated Press reported that there had been insufficient evidence of the claims and the investigation was closed.


Seacrest opened the Ryan Seacrest Foundation during 2010, it now has nine centers at various children’s’ healthcare facilities.

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GoBuyside Is Improving Client Relations

A startup from 2011, GoBuyside master creator, Arjun Kapur had come up with the idea upon his graduating from the prestige college of Stanford. He attended Stanford Business where he earned his masters in Business Administration. It was during his time spent in high finance that he had the idea for the business. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

It is the high tech enriched platform that made this platform turn into what it is today. The platform took the standard hiring process and flipped it upside down. The GoBuyside platform will pull information from various job boards online and used this as a means to connect employers to their prospective employees. The various businesses are scattered around the globe and not just in one location or spot. The idea is to pair up professionals alongside the clients and has turned it into something worth mentioning with more than 500 clients and over 10,000 firms all working side by side to esure the success.

The users of the platform are able to access reviews and networks inside of the field and will be notified upon new opportunities when they become available. For the employer, they will benefit from the fact that they have hard working teams at their disposal. The client is offered only the best because GoBuyside only takes on the best candidates. Kapur is the acting GoBuyside CEO and has turned the team he works with into some of the most knowledgeable and professionals in the world of business recruiting. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

During a more recent interview, Kapur was interviewed regarding the strategy he has for expanding his business. He was very reluctant as to what answer he would give. He goes on record to say that the goal for all businesses is to offer superior client service. He goes on to express that by caring for the clients wants and needs, you are more often likely to win their business. When you decide to partner with your clients, you are showing that you can offer mutual goals rather than the business being one sided. With the support that Kapur offers, he is helping to change the way that the finance industry takes on human capitol needs.


Southridge Capital Is Financial Gold

Public companies having pecuniary difficulties or seeking guidance on any financial aspect of their business have unquestionably heard of Southridge Capital. The expert financial planning they offer is unparalleled in the industry. The company’s executive team mentor businesses through every aspect of their financial journey, including Bankruptcy Advice, Restructuring Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Balance Sheet Optimization, Financial Analysis, Credit Enhancing, Legal Settlement services, and Securitization, among many others.

When it comes to fiscal issues, Southridge is a leader in their field. Their innovative methods used to assist their diverse clientele set them apart from other financial institutions. Through the guidance of their five member management team, opportunities for financial solutions are never missed when you are a client of Southridge.

Based on ideamensch, the organization has been trailblazing the monetary arena since 1996, leading more than 250 clients to their financial goals. The organization has invested nearly 2 billion dollars into growth companies since their doors were opened, including a $5 million EPA (Equity Purchase Agreement) between Elite Data Services, Inc. and Southridge Partners (institutional investors).

Corporations face numerous concerns today, necessitating the utmost skill in their monetary advisement. Southridge has spent more than 20 years proving their ability to optimize the financial standing for prospective and existing clients through detailed analyses and critical valuations used to estimate cash needs, enabling the expert Southridge Capital team to create tailored and concise client portfolios with a flawless financial plan and delivered with an impeccable execution.

Not only committed to excellence and leadership in financing, they are also spearheading their own community improvement endeavors, citing that social responsibility is at the forefront of their core beliefs. Establishing the Daystar Foundation in 2011, Stephen Hicks, CEO of Southridge Capital, and his wife Mary are supporting multiple charitable organizations, encouraging volunteer work, and taking a stand out role in the positive leadership of their community. You can visit for more info.


U.S. Money Reserve’s Chief Numismatist Thinks 2018 Gold Prices Will Stay Consistent

Owning gold is something special in countries like China as well as in other countries. American investors usually jump back into the gold market when the stock market takes a beating or the price of gold drops before it jumps back up again.

Some successful investors like Warren Buffett say new investors shouldn’t have gold in their portfolio because it does have a real value and most of all, it doesn’t pay a dividend. But other hedge fund giants like George Soros who have deep investing pockets do own gold and a lot of it. Gold is more than a commodity people buy and sell. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Owning gold and silver has a special meaning to people who believe the stock market is at its peak and, is ready to make an adjustment that could cost them millions if they are right.

The chief numismatist at one of the most respected and knowledgeable currency houses in the world, John Rothans, just put out some information about the gold and silver market, and that information is worth listening too, according to the investors who work with John Rothans at the U.S. Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Facebook

According to Money magazine, gold has increased by more than 200 percent since 1986, and Mr. Rothans believes gold and silver will hold steady through 2018. Rothans thinks gold will sell for $1,200 an ounce in 2018 and silver will sell for $17 to $18 an ounce.

Mr. Rothans thinks the dollar will be weaker in 2018, and gold production will be down from the 2017 output. John also thinks investors are nervous because of the radical swings in the stock market during the first quarter of 2018. And silver will still be a popular investment thanks to a surge in silver jewelry and an increase in silver use in several sectors of the economy.

U.S.  Reserve’s president, Philip Diehl, is famous for several reasons. He manages the day-to-day operations of U.S. Money Reserve. The company is one of the largest currency trading companies in the industry, and Diehl and his experienced group of numismatists work with clients all over the world who want to find the right investments for retirement funds.

Mr. Diehl is the former Chief of Staff of U.S. Finance Committee. And when he was the director of the U.S. Mint, he was the man behind the 50-state quarter program. So investors respect what Diehl and his management team have to say about gold and silver as well as coins and other investment vehicles.

Jeff Yastine Says There’s Money To Be Made In Oil Exploration ETFs

The oil industry took a big hit in 2015 due to the surplus that circulated the global markets, but now you might find a big profit there if you invest in ETFs that Banyan Hill editor Jeff Yastine recommends. He is looking at oil exploration ETFs because he believes the time is right to invest in offshore drilling initiatives. There was a study that McKinsey Energy Insights conducted on the state of oil production which found that overall investments had dropped in response to the price drops over the course of three years, but the global demand was still high. Yastine says that since legacy oil fields are being phased out, millions of dollars in new offshore site investments will be coming. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Jeff Yastine covers not only energy investments, but also a wide range of unheard of stocks and alternative funds. Yastine actually had a previous career in journalism before he became an editor for Banyan Hill. He attended the journalism school at the University of Florida where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the field. He recalls on his website that his first foray into the stock market was something he did on the side when he bought some stock in Walmart in the late 1980s. But journalism was still his main passion, and in the early 1990s he started out as a local news correspondent for a television station in Raleigh, NC. But he’s most known for his role as a field reporter for PBS’s Nightly Business Report show from 1994 to 2010.


Jeff Yastine gained a lot of information about the markets from interviewing famous investors such as Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Bill Gross, Herb Kelleher and Frank Perdue. A few things Yastine says he learned during his career in journalism and entering the stock market was just how patient you needed to be. For example, he mentions that he wished he would have held onto Adobe’s stock that he bought and sold off right before the tech bubble hit in 2000. But he did give his viewers information on companies that became major enterprises including Intuitive Surgical, SBA Communications and Lennar Corp. Now he identifies brand new companies and unknown stocks in his chief newsletter, “Total Wealth Insider.” Yastine is also a regular contributor to Banyan Hill’s “Sovereign Investor Daily” and “Winning Investor Daily” newsletters which combine multiple Banyan Hill author perspectives on unique opportunities. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

OSI Group Purchases Other Companies

OSI Group is based in Illinois and is branching out all over the world. This company offers a wide range of food products to retail stores.

Baho Food

In August of 2016 OSI Group purchased Baho Food, a Dutch company with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Food is a company that is involved in manufacturing meat products for retail sales. The President of OSI Group, David G. McDonald, stated that the company wanted to expand their business in Europe, which led to the purchase of Baho Food, a company in which McDonald believes is in line with the practices of his company. The employees of Baho Food remained employed even after the company was purchased. The plan of this purchase was to offer customers more products while growing the customer base in Europe.

Flagship Europe

In December of 2016 OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe which is a company that offers many different products including frozen food, pies, and sauces. This purchase was good for both companies involved. Flagship Europe will now be able to have more resources than before, which will allow them to better serve their customers’ needs and increase their customer base globally. The purchaser of this company is benefiting from now having an even stronger presence in Europe while allowing them to serve their customers better, as well.

Tyson Food Plant

In June of 2016 OSI Group purchased a Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s south side. With a couple plants already in Chicago, this more recent purchase is supposed to help keep up with the needs of the customers while allowing growth in the company. Before the purchase, Tyson Food was planning on closing this plant, leaving all the employees without jobs. Now, many of the employees of the Tyson Food Plant were offered employment with the purchaser of the plant, minimizing the number of employees left without work.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Is An Experienced Investment Advisor

If you are planning to start investing for retirement or for any other purpose, it is extremely important that you consult a reliable and reputable advisor. Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the most respected and experienced investment advisors and financial planners in the industry.

Your goal is to find an investment firm or professional that provides excellent financial and investment information to clients. It is crucial to enlist the services of a professional who will guide you in making the right decision for your situation.

Richard Dwayne Blair runs a prominent investment firm, Wealth Solutions and is well known for delivering on his promise. Richard Dwayne Blair has been helping clients for many years and has numerous positive reviews.

If you are serious about financial planning or starting your investment portfolio, then check out Richard Dwayne Blair right away. Richard Dwayne Blair works hard to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients. He will review your financial situation and work closely with you to come up with a strategy to meet your needs.

In determining an investment vehicle and investment portfolio for your situation, Richard Dwayne Blair will take into account information such as economic trends, your comfort with risky decisions, and regulatory changes. A major part of being an advisor is making clients feel comfortable. Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to explain things in a way that even a novice will understand. Richard Dwayne Blair makes it a priority to establish trust with clients and address their questions and concerns appropriately.

Investing is a great way to ensure your financial security and make your dreams come true but you need proper guidance. Richard Dwayne Blair has the resources and expertise to guide you and help put you on the right path to financial success.

A large number of people have reached their goals simply by following in the footsteps of

successful people. That’s why it’s imperative that you work with Richard Dwayne Blair. You will receive the right guidance and be on your way to a successful financial future.