Jason Hope Donates $500, 000, Believes The World Can Do Something On Age-Related Complications

“I have a great interest in SENS Foundation. Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work is impressive. They have done great work in the advancement of human medicine. They really deserve commendation. If we all had the same spirit as Dr. Grey, I’m sure the world would now be close to ending or at least minimizing age-related diseases,” said Jason Hope when giving a pledge of $05 million. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is based in California. The organization dedicates its time and resources to developing, promoting, and creating awareness to the world about the best approaches that need to be used in coming up with an amicable solution on solving age-related complications. The NGO uses rejuvenation biotechnologies method in approaching the issue.

Jason Hope who has a degree in Finance from Arizona State University has worked hard to see how he can improve the lives of his fellow community members. To achieve this, Jason Hope has started several business projects. He has also given out several grants to individuals and groups that seem to work towards bettering the lives of people in his local community and the State of Arizona at large. Jason Hope’s slogan has always been to empower people to have better, longer, and healthier lives.

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“We all want to live longer, healthier lives. Although it is not an easy thing to attain, it is achievable. But we need to change our approach to medicine. It shouldn’t be all about treating. Sometimes it is also important to look at prevention. This to me is the best thing one can do to ensure we attain long-time goals,” Jason Hope says.

It is easy to tell why Jason gives grants and donations. He has a noble goal to achieve. He says that all he wants is his community to live free from age-related complications. Jason Hope agrees that he may not be able to do much in the fight of age-related diseases such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Atherosclerosis but he believes that if institutions that research on the right medications and healthy life are empowered, we can achieve our goal.

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End Citizens United Advocates For Election Reform

End Citizens United is PAC formed back in 2015. It was created to combat the decision reached in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case. The controversial decision that barely passed 5-4, set the precedent that freedom of speech qualified for corporations. Now election reform is in trouble, as Big Money can support candidates with no limitations levied at all. This has many wondering if votes even matter anymore. End Citizens United is focused on repealing the decision by playing a little political chess game. It support candidates who are pro election reform. Candidates like Elissa Slotkin, Brenden Kelly, and Andy Kim.

These are three of the candidates they End Citizens United recently endorsed in their preparation for the 2018 midterm elections. ECU also fights candidates who accept Big Money support. Most recently they filed a complaint against Rick Scott, alleging that the politician was using a super PAC to finance his campaign and pay off debts. End Citizens United’s goal is to stack the deck with like-minded candidates who will focus on passing legislation that ends the Citizens United precedent. It is a hefty goal, and it will take a lot of complete, but it is possible.

In order to reverse the decision the first amendment has to be amended, the definition changed to include only the individual. If this occurs corporations will once again have limitations placed upon them and elections will be a little more balanced. At present there is too much fear that corporations will use support to nab policies or laws. Financing a politician so they will swing some legislation their way. Politicians like Scott. The road to victory is not an easy one, many candidates who are against campaign reform still hold key seats. But with many abdicating the time is ripe for upheaval.

Bruno Fagali, Business, and Administrative lawyer

Bruno Fagali is among rising Brazilian lawyers distinguished for adding a new dimension to the country’s legal system. He has extensive experience in the legal spectrum and in-depth knowledge of administrative laws. These set of attributes have enabled him to make an unparalleled reputation in the legal field. To date, there are very few lawyers who have made significant impacts as Bruno Fagali.

Bruno Fagali studied law in various institutions including the Pontifical Catholic University where he attained his legal degree. He took the specific Administrative Law course in 2012 and enrolled for a Masters degree at the University of Sao Paulo in 2015. He also volunteered and interned annually as he studied for his degree. This enabled him to amass a large pool of knowledge and skills.

Fagali has worked for law firms since he started his career in 2006. These accomplishments are hardly surprising considering his commitment to excellence in the course of his career. He has also demonstrated high levels of hard work and dedication which make the chances of his continued success in the coming years a surety. His dedication and commitment are some of the reasons why the legal profession is respected by his colleagues and competitors.

Bruno has also developed numerous business connections and relationships in the course of his career. These have played a leading role in enabling his success. The lawyer is deserving of the recognition and praise.

Interestingly, he is not done with success and has aspirations of continuing to make more significant impacts in the legal realm. What’s more, he hopes to continue upholding his reputation since he believes that it will foster his prosperity in the highly competitive industry.

Currently, he works as the corporate integrity manager at Nova and runs an independent practice at the Fagali Law Firm. At Nova, he is tasked with designing, implementing, and managing the legal compliance of the advertising firm. He continues to spend his time establishing his name as a reputable lawyer and growing his law firm into an equally reputable legal establishment.

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Knocking Out Your To-Do List Quicker With Advice From Upwork

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a private freelancing platform that allows clients and employees to connect for completing various projects. Potential freelancing prospects posts their skills on a profile page and employers hire them based on the proposals sent. Upwork has attracted 12 million users, a number that steadily growing every year, generating about $1 billion annually. Formerly known as Elance and Odesk, both companies merged into Upwork.

Getting Through Your To-Do List Quickly

Many freelancers find it very hard to complete to-do lists effectively, especially when they have more than one client. Sometimes other responsibilities divert their attention temporarily and that can make them lose focus of the goal. Upwork has some powerful advice on helping these freelancers and clients get through their to-do lists efficiently and effectively.

One step is to think about everything you have to complete. Evaluate how much work you actually have and exactly what you need to do. A good way to facilitate this information is by writing down everything on a piece of paper, or store them on a calendar app. Preparing your daily tasks beforehand for the next day will help you complete them relatively quickly as well.

The next step is to consolidate every task. Do not have them scattered all over the place because that can make them become difficult to manage, especially when you have a lot of work. More importantly, it is very easy to forget about tasks if they are not written down or readily available. This is because you would get caught up looking for a key piece of information that you missed, which is time-wasting.

Another step is evaluating your time in general. Ask when, where, and how long this task is going to take. Always ensure your priorities before working so your attention does not get distracted by other obligations. Keep the end goal as the focal point. Try your best to complete tasks early so nothing hinders you from reaching your deadline.

Make sure to create a stress free environment by having a motivating picture nearby or your favorite food available.

The last method is zooming in and out by breaking down each task into small manageable chunks

These are a couple of ways to get through your to-do list quickly. Happy trails!

Find out more about Upwork: https://technewsspy.com/2018/04/20/choosing-independent-work-freelancer-upwork/


Randal Nardone and His Financial Achievements

Randal Nardone was one of the founders of the global investment company Fortress Investment Group. His association with the firm allowed him to easily be recognized for his efforts, which was why he was chosen as the Interim CEO in 2011 when he was 55 years old. At that time, Fortress had approximately $44 billion in Assets under Management. Mr. Nardone was once in the Forbes list of billionaires back in 2007. His estimated net worth at that time was $1.8 billion. He joined Fortress as one of the firm’s founders, and he has also served as the Principal. After the Initial Public Offer for the company in 2007, he quickly became a billionaire as part of the Fortress Five. Although he fell out of the billionaire’s club, he is still active when it comes to his business and investment efforts. In fact, he is also a part of the Board of Directors since November 2006.

Randal Nardone has impressive background throughout his whole career. He once worked as the managing director of the Union Bank of Switzerland. However, before he joined one of the banking giants, he was once a principal of BlackRock Financial Management. Apart from his mentioned jobs and responsibilities, he also became a partner of the Thacher Proffitt and Wood, a law firm where he was also a member of the executive committee. Randal Nardone earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut. He currently holds a JD, which he received from the Boston University School of Law. Randal Nardone is best known as the financialist behind his company. He has the knowledge and experience in the field of finance.

Additionally, he has worked with several clients in the past, which allowed him to provide significant insights that led to the positive improvements of Fortress Investment Group. Together with Wes Edens, Mr. Nardone established the firm in which he is the CEO. Throughout the years, he has contributed immensely, and it paved the way for the company to offer high-quality services to their clients. With the help of his education and his work experiences, he has become one of the most trusted experts in the field of finance. Randal Nardone is a respected financialist and remains a professional in the face of adversities. His past jobs showed that he worked in different positions, which provided him with the know-how in implementing rules and other details that would assist all facets of the business.

Dr. Saad Saad: Leading Medical Missions across the World

Healthcare is one of the most important services that need to be implemented on a global scale. However, some people only have limited access to clinics and hospitals. The less developed world suffer a high mortality rate just because health services are out of reach. This is what Dr. Saad Saad wanted to change, and that is the reason why he teamed up with other doctors from the United States to embark on a global journey to deliver health services to those who genuinely deserve it. The Palestinian doctor is being hailed as one of the most influential people in the field of medicine because of the medical missions that he provides to the people around the world. One of their most recent projects is a trip to his homeland in Palestine. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted



Decades of conflict between Israel and Palestine has rendered the nation vulnerable to diseases and other disorders. Dr. Saad Saad visited Jerusalem and other areas in the conflict zone to provide health assistance to the people, and most of them have been asking him to perform surgeries. Dr. Saad Saad has a certification on pediatric surgery and general surgery, which he received after he arrived in the United States. He used his knowledge in performing surgery to help those who are in need of an operation, and during the medical mission, he and his team were able to complete the required surgeries to help the citizens feel comfortable and away from danger.



Dr. Saad Saad’s medical mission is also lauded because of his never before seen techniques allowing the surgeries to be quick and painless. He dedicated much of his time looking for ways on how to operate without hurting the patient too much, and he also publicized his methods to allow other doctors around the world to follow suit. One of the things that he developed to ensure a painless surgical procedure was the electromagnetic catheter and the suction-equipped endoscope. These two devices were created to allow the doctors to pinpoint where they would inject the catheter without hurting the patient and to enable the doctors to suction out the fluids inside the body so that they can see clearly when doing an endoscopy.



The devices created by Dr. Saad Saad would greatly help the doctors practicing surgical procedures. However, Dr. Saad Saad also stated that his works are still unknown to the rest of the doctors around the world, and he is already doing something to address this problem. He will be asking some of his colleagues to promote the devices that he invented to get the attention of other doctors around the world. This would be a big task for him to finish, but the doctor is highly confident that his creation would be used widely in the years to come.



TALO: Talos Energy Merger with Stone Energy

In a $2.5 Billion merger, Talos Energy Incorporated and Stone Energy merged into one corporate entity. The new name of the company is called Talos Energy, and in 2016 Stone filed for bankruptcy which started off the relationship.

It was a great union because Stone was already a listed public company with 136 million barrels in oil reserves, and Talos not only had money to settle Stone’s debts but could also become listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TALO for free, paying no cost to get themselves listed on the exchange.

This is not the first time that a member of Talos has had experience with turning out struggling oil companies. Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, actually has a history of successfully doing just that. After Hurricane Rita had hit in 2005 and destroyed a lot of drilling infrastructure, Cabot Oil lost some of its wells and Mr. Duncan was able to turn everything back around into being profitable once again.

Tim was once quoted as saying that “Talos is very well positioned to capitalize on its high-quality asset portfolio and returns focused capital programs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore Mexico, as well as take advantage of potential business development opportunities.”

After all, Talos can now make 47,000 barrels per day after this merger and has a combined 1.2 million acres of drillable space now (about 10% of which is in the Gulf of Mexico).

The new joint Talos venture has $150,000 in liquid, and $450,000 in total cash equivalents. For the future, things are looking up for Talos Energy. They have positively drilled the Mount Providence well in January and will see results from this in September, and on top of this the “Tornado well #3” is on track to start producing oil in early 2019.

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Neurocore Reveals Good Nutrition Is Key To Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Ask Reporter published the article “Neurocore: Fueling the Brain with Food” by Rob McKinsey to reveal the latest key insight into applied neuroscience. Neurocore, a brain training performance center based in Michigan uses applied neuroscience to help their clients improve their cognitive performance. One recent revelation the company provided may be unexpected to some. Nutrition not only plays a part in a person’s overall health, but it can also have a large impact on the health of the brain. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Everyone has experienced the immediate impact of junk food and fast food. It can make people sluggish, lethargic, and mentally foggy. However, when a person eats well, consuming whole foods without a lot of refined sugar, he can feel the impact on his quality of life.

The same is true of the brain. The brain needs nutrients in order to remain healthy. Neurocore suggests that eating well, such as eating a diet that will protect the heart, will also have a long-term effect on the health of one’s brain. A recent study revealed that eating to maintain the health of the heart will cause the brain to maintain its size instead of shrinking. Taking care of the heart will also allow the brain to maintain its size.

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Neurocore also believes in eating foods that are high in quality nutrients. Eating superfoods like chia seeds, healthy fats, raw honey and even cinnamon can help the brain maintain its high cognitive function. Good fats help the body reduce blood pressure and can lower cholesterol. This improves the heart’s health, which as we have seen, improves the health of the brain. Honey has antioxidant properties that can help prevent heart disease and cancer. It also helps the brain function when a person sleeps by helping the brain create melatonin. Cinnamon is great at preventing inflammation. It can also prevent the brain from creating the protein called tau, which can create tangles in the brain. By preventing the Tau from forming, cinnamon helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Neurocore uses drug free programs based in cognitive science to help strengthen the brains of their patients. The core program uses the brain’s ability to restructure itself to help it become stronger. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Peter Briger: The Philanthropist Billionaire

Peter Briger, the current co-chairman and a senior principal in the governing board of Fortress Investment Group, is a well-documented person in the investment industry. He plays a vital role in spearheading the investment group to greater heights despite the uncertainties and competitive nature of the investment industry. Based in New York offices, Briger oversees the daily activities of the entity while making critical investment decisions that have significant impacts on the growth and positioning of the organization. However, despite ranking high in billionaires list, Peter engages in humanitarian activities that are geared towards improving the welfare of the common man working to make ends meet. Participating in such activities is not an everyday affair to many billionaires or people in management positions of different organizations.

Peter Briger is a primary contributor to Princeton University alumni fund. The money contributed is used to help fresh graduates to implement their business opportunities as startup capital. Besides donating funds, Briger engages in mentoring the alumni members and helping them to establish their businesses while helping them to make critical decisions regarding their startups. Peter Briger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The council is a non-government organization that does not support political parties but plays a vital role in encouraging better foreign policies. Promoting fair foreign policies is essential in ensuring that the United States government has a good relationship with other nations. A better relationship helps trade to thrive between different countries hence allowing exporters to earn returns while importers acquire goods and services.

Besides, Peter’s support for the Central Park Conservancy Organization is in public domain. Previous reports indicated that he had donated more than six hundred million U.S dollars to this cause. Conservation is an essential aspect of the modern world as different governments are trying to come into terms with the impacts of climate change. It also works well in making the world a better place for the current and upcoming generations. Moreover, Briger has recorded significant interests in quality education as well as poverty alleviation in the United States and countries abroad. Lastly, Briger is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council under the Global Fund for Children. The leadership council at Silicon Valley works in conjunction with other entities in tapping talents at a young age and harnessing them so that they can grow to be essential members of the society. The organization has assisted many children to achieve their goals through innovation. The philanthropist nature of Peter Briger should be commended due to its impacts on the world at large.

Different Causes Of Depression And Anxiety And Finding A Professional Like Roseann Bennett

There are a lot of different causes of depression. One of the most interesting things about depression is that it can be triggered by anything. However, there are common themes when it comes to depression. For instance, one of the common factors that are associated with depression is finances. Some people can find themselves depressed because of a lot of stress over the frustrating financial services. Another factor that can cause depression is loneliness. Society has been influencing people to spend more time alone. However, they miss out on all of the connections that are important to the mental wellbeing of the individual.


When people get to the point where they are depressed, they may need to find some kind of help. This is where mental health professionals like Roseann Bennett can give them the boost they need to move forward with their lives. One of the most important factors to finding effective professionals is to make sure that the person is very dedicated to what she is doing as opposed to just being there to diagnose and drug. One of the worst things about drugs is that it can mask a problem with all of the horrible side effects.


The more effective approach which is carried out by Roseann Bennett is actually talking to the clients and helping them get to the bottom of their struggles with depression and anxiety. This can include uncovering some past unprocessed trauma. One of the best things Roseann Bennett does is help people train their mind so that they can think about solutions. One thing that can help a person overcome depression is if they take a proactive approach to life as opposed to a passive approach. One thing that can contribute to depression is when people wait for something they want to come to them.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. In-home therapy provided some valuable tools but once the person was released to become an outpatient, these tools disappeared. Marginally disenfranchised populations who either couldn’t afford in-house therapy or had no access to it were affected the most. Find More Information Here.


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