OSI Group Purchases Other Companies

OSI Group is based in Illinois and is branching out all over the world. This company offers a wide range of food products to retail stores.

Baho Food

In August of 2016 OSI Group purchased Baho Food, a Dutch company with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Food is a company that is involved in manufacturing meat products for retail sales. The President of OSI Group, David G. McDonald, stated that the company wanted to expand their business in Europe, which led to the purchase of Baho Food, a company in which McDonald believes is in line with the practices of his company. The employees of Baho Food remained employed even after the company was purchased. The plan of this purchase was to offer customers more products while growing the customer base in Europe.

Flagship Europe

In December of 2016 OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe which is a company that offers many different products including frozen food, pies, and sauces. This purchase was good for both companies involved. Flagship Europe will now be able to have more resources than before, which will allow them to better serve their customers’ needs and increase their customer base globally. The purchaser of this company is benefiting from now having an even stronger presence in Europe while allowing them to serve their customers better, as well.

Tyson Food Plant

In June of 2016 OSI Group purchased a Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s south side. With a couple plants already in Chicago, this more recent purchase is supposed to help keep up with the needs of the customers while allowing growth in the company. Before the purchase, Tyson Food was planning on closing this plant, leaving all the employees without jobs. Now, many of the employees of the Tyson Food Plant were offered employment with the purchaser of the plant, minimizing the number of employees left without work.